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Office of Research Administration News

A Message from the Office of Sponsored Programs:

Concerning NIH. If sequestration is implemented on the March 1st we can expect at least a 5.1% cut to the NIH budget. This could mean fewer grants and/or cuts on new and existing grant budgets. We have heard from an NIH official that, going forward, large carry over amounts could become targets for budget reductions. Training grants that have un-filled slots and carry over funds could also be targeted. NIH grants that were issued under the continuing budget resolution may not recoup held back funding.

You can expect similar actions from our other federal sponsors as sequestration is implemented.  A note of caution:  Pay attention to deficit spending -  out year budgets after cuts may not be sufficient to cover accelerated spending.


Concerning NSF.  Please check NSF's statement concerning sequestration:




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