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CASTL | The Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning

  • Study Finds Parents are Key in Generating Teenagers’ Long-Term Interest in STEM

    Researchers at CASTL, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Chicago find parents play vital role in promoting STEM.


  • CASTL Celebrates 10 Years of Research to Improve Classroom Instruction

    From child care To graduate school, CASTL studies aim to improve teaching quality.


  • Study Finds Positive One-on-One Time with Teachers Reduces Preschoolers' Stress

    Boston Globe features CASTL research on positive effects of Banking Time


  • Does it Matter if Teachers and Students are the Same Race?

    CASTL research finds that the background of teachers in the preschool classroom can make a difference for some young students.


  • Can Better Instruction Have a Large Impact on Reducing the Racial Discipline Gap

    Researchers from CASTL and Rutgers University join in new study to find answers.


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