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CASTL | The Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning

  • Can Better Instruction Have a Large Impact on Reducing the Racial Discipline Gap

    Researchers from CASTL and Rutgers University join in new study to find answers.


  • Dean Pianta Writes Letter to Future President

    As part of the Miller Center's First Year Program, Pianta urges future president to prioritize preschool as an equalizer to educational opportunity.


  • Does it Matter if Teachers and Students are the Same Race?

    CASTL research finds that the background of teachers in the preschool classroom can make a difference for some young students.


  • CASTL's Impact is Improving Schools in South America, Central Asia

    Prof. Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch's research is finding that good teaching is good teaching, regardless of whether the classroom is in the U.S., Ecuador or Kyrgyzstan.


  • New Grant Aims to Test Core Knowledge Language Arts Read-Aloud Program

    In a first of its kind study, researchers at CASTL receive a grant from the Institute of Education Sciences to test this widely implemented curriculum.


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