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Two Interns Discuss How SURP Provided Hands-On Experience, Reshaping their Thinking on Grad School


Taqiyyah Elliott and Kelly Garrett describe how the SURP program has helped them gain hands-on research experience as well as exposed them to a wide variety of graduate school care

Two SURP Interns Discuss How Connections Have Changed Their Experience at UVA


Archie Matta Jr. and Jasmin Castillo describe how the SURP program has helped them make connections, from understanding educational policy to linking their interests with research

CASTL Spearheads VPI+ Blog to Tackle Common Misconceptions About Preschool Instruction


What does good teaching look like in preschool? And more importantly, what does it not look like? These are the questions a new blog produced by the Center for Advanced Study of Te

Video Highlight:  ECI Coaching Helps Teachers Prepare for Joys and Challenges of Teaching Toddlers


There’s rarely a dull moment in the day-to-day happenings of a toddler classroom. That’s what a new video, developed by the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning, hig

CASTL Professor Leads the Way to Improve Kindergarten Readiness in Virginia


From an early age, Amanda Williford developed an interest in helping young children learn and thrive in school. ow, over a decade later, as a research associate professor at the Un

Class of 2017: Kosovich Helps Community College Students Get Motivated, Succeed


Jeff Kosovich, an Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science graduate, discusses how he plans to continue working with interventions tracking motivation.

Prof. LoCasale-Crouch Nominated for John T. Casteen Leadership Award


Dr. Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch received a nomination from students and her faculty peers for the John T. Casteen Leadership Award ... read more

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