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Study Identifies a Key to Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Preschool Classrooms


Disruptive behavior can lead to a host of negative consequences for preschoolers. UVA researchers have found a strategy that reduced such behavior in the long term.

CASTL Study Identifies A Key to Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Preschool Classrooms


Young children who display disruptive behavior reduce those behaviors when their teacher spends extra time playing individually with them, according to a new University of Virginia study published in December in the journal Child Development.

Study Finds Parents are Key in Generating Teenagers’ Long-Term Interest in STEM


Researchers at the University of Virginia, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Chicago have found a promising way to increase adolescents’ interest in the fields of s

CASTL is Making Classrooms Better, From Child Care To Grad School


“We’re doing research here around a very important societal problem: the assessment and evaluation of effective teaching,” Robert Pianta, dean of the Curry School, said. “We want to see how the University can stand out in a way that enables the research activities that we are doing here to be useful when it comes to solving that very important problem.”

And for the past decade, such has been the mission of CASTL – the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning – which Pianta founded and is now under the direction of Curry Associate Professor Jason Downer.

Nine UVA Education Faculty, 3 Alumni Named to Influential Scholars List


Once again, members of the Curry School faculty and alumni have been named to the Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings.

Post-Doc Alumna Reflects on the Mentoring at Curry, How It Advanced Her Career


VEST post-doc alumna, Alison Baroody, discusses the support and opportunities she received at the Curry School and how it shaped her professional life.

New White House Brief Cites EdPolicyWorks and CASTL Research


Research by Professors Bassok, Miller, Wong & Pianta are cited in new White House Issue Brief on Early Chilhood. ... read more

CASTL Researchers Pen Article Describing Efforts to Define Quality in Early Childhood Education


The most recent issue of Future of Children, which takes a fresh look at the evidence for high-quality preschool and its integration within K-3 education, includes an article penned by research faculty at the Curry School of Education ... read more

New Study Shows Improving child-teacher interactions can reduce preschoolers’ stress levels


A new finding published by Bridget Hatfield and Amanda Williford shows "Banking Time", an intervention developed at the University of Virginia, helps reduce children's stress levels. ... read more

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