MyTeachingPartner-Mathematics/Science Curricula and Implementation Support System


Efficacy Trial of MyTeachingPartner-Mathematics/Science Curricula and Implementation Support System

This efficacy trial will further test the MyTeachingPartner-Mathematics/Science (MTP-M/S) Curricula and Teacher Support System that were developed and field-tested from 2007-2011. The MTP-Math curriculum focuses on concepts and skills in number sense, operations, geometry, and measurement. The MTP-Science curriculum addresses inquiry skills and key concepts in life, earth, and physical science.

This current project will run a randomized control trial in 140 classrooms across several metropolitan areas, to see how the year-long curricula and accompanying implementation support system impact children’s knowledge and skills and the instructional interaction between children and teachers in the classroom. MTP-M/S curricula and implementation supports include over 130 hands-on activities with teaching tips, instructional adaptations, and curricular extensions, along with video demonstrations of high quality, high fidelity curricular implementation, video-based teaching challenges and professional development workshops.

Status: 2012-2015

Funder: Institute of Educational Sciences (IES)

Selective Publications:

  • Lee, Y., & Kinzie, M. B.  (in press).  Teacher questioning and student responses with regard to cognition and language use.  Instructional Science.  doi: 10.1007/s11251-011-9193-2
  • Kilday, C.R., Kinzie, M.B., Mashburn, A.J., & Whittaker, J.V. (2012).  Accuracy of teacher judgments of preschoolers' math skills. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 30(2), 148-159. doi:10.1177/0734282911412722
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