• Is Kindergarten the New First Grade? New Research Findings on the Changing Nature of Kindergarten in the Age of Accountability

    Daphna Bassok and colleague question whether Kindergarten is the new First Grade in a EdPolicyWorks working paper. Findings suggest a heightened academic focus in kindergarten.

  • Ben Castleman and U.Va President Sullivan Attend a White House Summit on College Access Plan

    Ben Castleman attended a White House Summit about increasing college access and success for low-income and disadvantaged students. His research on summer melt and text messaging was mentioned in speeches by President Obama and the first lady.

  • Researchers at EdPolicyWorks Lead key Presentations at AEFP

    Faculty and students at EdPolicyWorks head to Association for Education Finance & Policy (AEFP) in San Antonio, TX to lead over 17 research presentations.

  • High-powered incentives linked to teacher evaluations drive improvements in teacher performance

    A new study by Jim Wyckoff and colleagues found that IMPACT, the controversial teacher-evaluation system recently introduced in the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), appears to have caused hundreds of teachers in the district to improve their performance.

  • EdPolicyWorks Announces Education Policy Seminars

    EdPolicyWorks announced the Spring 2014 Education Policy Seminar series with 4 speakers giving talks at UVA.

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Recorded Seminars

Our Ben Castleman gave a talk on entitled “Prompts, Personalization, and Pay-offs: Using Behavioral Nudges to Help Students Navigate Complex Postsecondary Decisions” where he discussed new research that explores innovative strategies to help students and their families navigate complex decisions about postsecondary education.

Dan Goldhaber also gave a Ed Policy Seminar entitled “Knocking on the Door to the Teaching Profession? Modeling the Entry of Prospective Teachers in the Workforce” and that video is available online.