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  • Tolan’s Initiative Chosen from Over 1,000 Ideas to Help Youth

    Chicago Tribune Highlights 12 Ways to Heal A City


  • Successful After-School Conference Convenes Diverse Participants

    Youth, Scholars, Policy Professionals, and Educators


  • Williams' Huffington Post Piece Calls for New Narrative for Black Boys

    Media Often Portrays Our Boys as Criminals Instead of Heroes


  • Cornell and Bradshaw Awarded $6.1 Million to Help Make Schools Safer

    Part of Federal Gov'ts Comprehensive School Safety Initiative


  • Opportunities in Educational Psychology and Applied Developmental Science

    Deadlines: For Ph.D. applications - Dec. 15. For Masters students - Feb. 1


YOUTH-NEX  The Center to Promote Effective Youth Development — is a transdisciplinary center promoting healthy youth development, educational attainment and learning. Working across the University, Youth-Nex focuses on the assets of young people and works in a wide variety of areas including health management, civic engagement and education. Youth-Nex also aims to prevent youth problems such as violence, physical and mental health issues, substance abuse and school failure.


Youth-Nex programs of research focus on critical areas of youth development. These programs are multi-investigator, cross-disciplinary systematic research efforts. Each program is led by a U.Va. faculty member possessing substantial experience and expertise. It is our goal to generate new understanding about the most useful practices and appropriate policies in youth development.

Supportive Relationships 

Healthy Lifestyles 

Avoiding Risk

Engaged Citizenship 

Program Evaluation and Community Consultation






Upcoming Talks
January 23 - Candice Odgers, Ph.D. - "Seven Fears and Countless Opportunities for Adolescents in the Digital World"

February 27 - Maureen Weiss, Ph.D. - "Youth Development in Physical Activity Contexts: Promoting Social, Psychological, and Physical Assets"

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Listen to: "School Contexts to Promote Youth Development: Understanding Processes and Evaluating Change," Juliette Berg, Ph.D.

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