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Compassionate Schools Project Receives $1 Million from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


The grant will focus on evaluation, and complements funding for implementation in the upcoming year. ... read more

Prof. Tolan Chairs Symposium in Barcelona on Promoting Resilient Development For Youth In Poverty


Expert researchers and clinicians from around the world convened in Spain to advance knowledge of health and psychology for children and adolescents. Read abstracts from 25 symposia. ... read more

Youth-Nex Receives $550,000 to Study Reducing Racial & Ethnic Inequalities in Academic Achievement


Students’ relationships with one another may be an important untapped resource for promoting learning and reducing racial and ethnic academic inequalities.

The Science of Helping Children Flourish


Youth-Nex meeting sparks journal special issue on "Positive youth development interventions: Advancing evaluation theory and practice."

Tolan Paper Asserts Health Equity as a Matter of Justice


"Health equity is a fundamental form of justice emanating from basic human rights," said Tolan and colleagues, in a National Academy of Medicine research paper.

New Study: Discipline Gap Between Black and White Students, Common and Damaging


Having a sense of belonging at school is linked to students’ engagement in school and their academic achievement.

Christian Science Monitor & TIME Magazine Feature Youth-Nex Study


Louisville's Experiment: Can Teaching Empathy Boost Math Scores?

Tolan Study on How Violence Effects Youth is Featured in Chicago Sun-Times


"Researchers found that as black and brown teens are exposed to more community violence, their symptoms of depression subside and violent behaviors increase." ... read more

Time Magazine Features Youth-Nex Study


Time Magazine visited classrooms implementing the Compassionate Schools Project (CSP) curriculum in Louisville Kentucky, and published “The Mindful Classroom.” ... read more

Blog: Prof. Deutsch on After-School Options


Professor Nancy Deutsch identifies things to keep in mind as parents try to find the right after-school activities for their children. ... read more

Prof. Tolan Discusses Absences In The Atlantic


Six million children are chronically absent, half of whom are enrolled at just 4 percent of the nation’s school districts. ... read more

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"Preventing Adolescent Dating Abuse With A Smartphone" - Katrina Debnam, Ph.D. - AUDIO

Director, Center for Child and Family Policy, Duke University - Position Opening - Details

Video Posted:
Roger P. Weissberg, Ph.D. - WATCH HERE - "Enhancing the Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning of Preschool to High School Students Across the United States"

Velma McBride Murry, Ph.D.
Video: Social Justice and Health Equity across the Life Course (click bottom link on page)

Monticello Event "Memory, Mourning, Mobilization: Legacies of Slavery and Freedom in America"

The Power of the Internet for Positive Action – What One Little Girl Did to Change Her School

To Gauge the Health of Your Whole Community, Look to Your Teens

Are Kids Getting More Virtuous?

Youth Online - An Interactive Youth Behavior Data Exploration Tool


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