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Power of Youth Initiative Meeting

  • Ice breakers helped us formulate ideas and get to know each other

  • If you were given a million dollars what would you do for youth

  • Listening to youth from Boston's Center for Teen Empowerment, Charlottesville High School, and UVA

  • High school senior, Elizabeth Valtierra, spoke passionately about her hopes for change

  • Nancy Deutsch spearheaded and led the meeting

  • Questions to spark discussion and solve problems

SLIDE SHOW. A uniquely interactive session about forming an engaged youth initiative at UVA

Goal: Develop concrete aims and desired types of infrastructure and activity for an Engaged Youth Initiative at UVA. 

We heard from groups on and off Grounds about the work they are doing around youth engagement. Then we will focus on small group discussions with attendees, facilitated by the panelists in order to help us think about how the different activities of the University (research, education, etc.) can support the work of youth engagement.

Heang Ly & three young leaders  
Center for Teen Empowerment

Paola Valeria Sanchez Valdez 
President of DREAMERS On Grounds

Elizabeth Valtierra 
Charlottesville High School senior and youth activist

Meg Heubeck
Center for Politics, Director of Youth Instruction

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