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Avoiding Risk



Youth-Nex is utilizing sophisticated models of multi-factor influences to identify what puts adolescents at risk. 

The program builds upon work Drs. Tolan, Cornell, and Cox have conducted over the past twenty-five years to prevent development of serious behavior problems, engagement in violence, smoking, alcohol, and other drug use. The center also provides guidance at the local and national levels working to improve community, state, and national efforts for monitoring and decision-making about these issues. This effort will also integrate threat assessment (for schools and communities) with evidence-based practices to reduce youth antisocial behavior and sophisticated economic analyses of service delivery systems.

Program Leaders:
Dewey G. Cornell, Professor of Education, Endowed Chair. Director of the Virginia Youth Violence Project
Daniel J. Cox, Professor, Departments of Psychiatric Medicine and Internal Medicine. Director of the Center for Behavioral Medicine Center Research

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