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YOUTH-NEX  The Center to Promote Effective Youth Development — is a transdisciplinary center promoting healthy youth development, educational attainment and learning. Working across the University, Youth-Nex focuses on the assets of young people and works in a wide variety of areas including health management, civic engagement and education. Youth-Nex also aims to prevent youth problems such as violence, physical and mental health issues, substance abuse and school failure.


Youth-Nex programs of research focus on critical areas of youth development. These programs are multi-investigator, cross-disciplinary systematic research efforts. Each program is led by a U.Va. faculty member possessing substantial experience and expertise. It is our goal to generate new understanding about the most useful practices and appropriate policies in youth development.

Supportive Relationships 

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Avoiding Risk

Engaged Citizenship 

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March 26 – "Investigating Diversity in Early Adolescence (The IDEA Project)" – Joanna Lee Williams, Ph.D.

Invited Presentation

April 9 – "Unequal Childhoods, Unequal Adulthoods: Small Moments and Large Consequences" – Annette Lareau, Ph.D., Stanley I. Sheerr Professor, Department of Sociology University of Pennsylvania.

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To Gauge the Health of Your Whole Community, Look to Your Teens

Are Kids Getting More Virtuous?

Podcasts & Video

"Youth Development in Physical Activity Contexts: Promoting Social, Psychological, and Physical Assets" – Maureen Weiss, Ph.D.

"Family Income and Adolescent Well-Being" – Tabitha Wurster, Ph.D.

"Seven Fears and Countless Opportunities for Adolescents in the Digital World" – Candice Odgers, Ph.D. – VIDEO

"How Adolescents Form Trust in Youth Program Leaders" – Aisha N. Griffith, Ph.D. 

"School Contexts to Promote Youth Development: Understanding Processes and Evaluating Change" – Juliette Berg, Ph.D.

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