Welcome!  The Prisoners and their Families Project aims to better understand inmates’ experiences of prison life and the impact of imprisonment on prisoners’ families.  We are currently working on several projects.  Our “Parenting on the Inside” project helps incarcerated women stay connected with their children; we also examine how the stress of being a parent affects inmate mothers and fathers as well as the family at home.  Our “Transitioning Home” project considers factors and experiences that boost the chances for successful reentry after incarceration.  We are exploring how video visits between inmates and their families assists reunification for successful reentry.  A recurrent theme in all of our work is an examination of how aspects of an inmate’s life such as developmental history, family support, and behavioral factors relate to their adjustment during and after incarceration.  We have received support from the National Institute of Justice, the Girl Scouts of America, and the University of Virginia.


Associated Faculty