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Curry-SEAS Engineering Education Initiative

The Curry-SEAS Engineering Education Initiative works to stimulate regular dialogue between the Engineering School and the Curry School. The Curry-SEAS Initiative sponsors speakers, brown-bag seminars, and working groups to discuss topics of mutual interest ranging from research funding opportunities to cooperative training and instructional pursuits. These meetings focus around engineering education at the PK-12 levels, the undergraduate experience, and informal and continuing educational contexts.

Upcoming Speakers

To be announced

Past Speakers

Marcia C. Lin, University of California, Berkeley (October 6, 2011)

M. David Burghardt, Hofstra University

Michael A. Eisenberg, University of Colorado, Boulder

Patti Curtis, National Center for Technological Literacy, Museum of Science, Boston


Jennifer Chiu

School of Engineering & Applied Science Affiliated Faculty

  • James Groves
  • Stephanie Moore
  • Archie Holmes
  • Peter Peling
  • Larry Richards
  • Reid Bailey
  • Paxton Marshall
  • Kathy Thornton

Associated Faculty

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