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Add-On Endorsements through the State-Approved MT program

UVa is approved by the Virginia Department of Education to provide teacher preparation in a selection of endorsements.   Additional endorsements are possible through application for dual endorsement as part of the program, or, in some case, through Praxis II testing. Teacher candidates should check with either their Curry advisor or the Teacher Education office for proper procedures for their particular situation. 

Curry currently offers three state-approved endorsements that teacher candidates can add-on to their initial licensure in another area:

Initial licensure alone cannot be granted for these endorsement areas at the Curry School, but each can be added on as an additional endorsement. The endorsements are only available to those enrolled in the Master of Teaching (MT) program.

English as a Second Language (ESL)
B/MT students wishing to add this endorsement before graduation must apply for enrollment in ESL before the end of the third year of the dual-degree program. PG/MT students must apply for enrollment in ESOL during the first semester of PG/MT coursework. Requests require the approval of the student’s advisor, the ESL program area coordinator, and the Teacher Education Team. Dual endorsements are granted on a space available basis.

**Note: a passing score (149) for the Praxis II: English to Speakers of Other Languages Test (#5362) will be required beginning September 1, 2017.

Requirements include:

(hours required)
Course Options to Meet Competencies
(6 credits)
Elementary Program Only:
EDIS 5221 Reading Development
EDIS 5300 Language Arts Methods
EDIS 5310 Differentiating Reading Instruction
Secondary Program Only:
EDIS 5221 Reading Development
EDIS 5710 Reading in the Content Area
Special Education Program Only:
EDIS 5222 Reading Development for Special Populations
EDIS 5230 Reading Diagnosis and Remediation for Reading Instruction
EDIS 5231 Reading Diagnosis and Remediation for Special Ed Teachers Lab

English Linguistics
(3 credits)

EDIS 5210 Introduction to Language
Cross Cultural
(3 credits)
EDLF 3240 Multicultural Education
EDLF 5711 Globalization, Childhood, and Culture
EDIS 5422 Education Across Cultures
Foreign Language
(6-14 credits)
College of Arts and Sciences courses in various departments.
ESL methodology
(3 credits)
EDIS 5480 Methods of Foreign Language Instruction
ESL Assessment and Curriculum Design
(3 credits)
EDIS 5470 ESL Assessment and Curriculum Design
*to be taken the semester after student teaching internship
(1 credit)
EDIS 4878 Fieldwork: English as a Second Language
*to be taken the semester after student teaching internship

For further information:
Ruth Ferree, Bavaro Hall 325, 434/924-0853,

Gifted Education
The Virginia Department of Education endorsement in Gifted Education requires that recipients take 12 semester hours of graduate credit plus a six-credit practicum/internship experience in Gifted Education. The state does not specify the courses that must be taken to receive the endorsement, but rather specifies the topics the courses must address.
Those topics are:

  • Integration of gifted students into the total school environment 
  • Characteristics of gifted students
  • Specific techniques for identification of gifted students and diagnostic/prescriptive approaches to instruction
  • Educational models, teaching methods, strategies, selection of resources and materials
  • Curriculum development and program evaluation,
  • Contemporary issues and research in gifted education.

The specified competencies can be met through the following graduate-level courses in gifted education. Courses noted (*) are required courses. Others listed are highly recommended but not required.

  • EDIS 7220 Introduction to the Gifted (*) (3 cr.)
  • EDIS 7230 Curriculum for Gifted and Talented (*) (3 cr.)
  • EDIS 7250 Models and Strategies for Teaching the Gifted (*) (3 cr.)
  • EDLF 7280 Creativity and Problem Solving (3 cr.)
  • EDLF 7390 Differentiated Instruction OR EDIS 7260 Differential Instruction for the Gifted (*) (3 cr.)
  • EDIS 8987 Master's Internship: Gifted (*) (6 cr.) …alternatively, with prior permission of the Gifted Education program advisor and the Teacher Education Field Placement Coordinator, this requirement may be met with an approved component of the student teaching experience.

There are four specific goals for the internship portion of the endorsement series. Students are strongly encouraged to develop additional goals to further tailor the internship experience to their specific teaching context and learning needs.
a) To reflect in practice the concepts and strategies that students have learned in the course sequence;
b) To recognize and document the learning needs and environmental considerations of gifted students;
c) To evaluate the effectiveness of instructional practices in meeting the needs of gifted learners; and
d) To articulate how the curricular and instructional responses align with the documented needs of gifted students and to make recommendations for a more aligned fit if necessary.
For further information:
Carolyn Callahan, Bavaro Hall 320B, 434/924-0791,

Mathematics - Algebra I
For students who are seeking an endorsement in a field other than Mathematics (6-12), and who wish to add an endorsement to teach Algebra I, the TEd@Curry program is approved to offer a series of coursework and field experience that leads to an Algebra I add-on endorsement. In order to qualify for the add-on endorsement, students must confer with and gain approval from the Mathematics program advisor and complete 18 credit hours in mathematics, a secondary math methods course, and a practicum.
Requirements include:

Competencies Course options to meet competencies
REQUIRED MATH COURSES one course of at least 3 credits in each of 6 topics
Calculus MATH 1310 Calculus I (4 cr)
MATH 1210 Applied Calculus I (3 cr)
Linear Algebra MATH 3351 Elementary Linear Algebra (3 cr)
Geometry MATH 1150 The Shape of Space (3 cr)
MATH 2700 Euclidean and Noneuclidean Geometry (3 cr)
Discrete Math MATH 1110 Probability/Finite Mathematics (3 cr)
MATH 4040 Discrete Mathematics (3 cr)
CS 2102 Discrete Mathematics (3 cr)
Probability/Statistics STAT 1100 Chance: an Intro to Statistics (3 cr)
STAT 1120 Introduction to Statistics (3 cr)
STAT 2120 Introduction to Statistical Analysis (3 cr)
STAT 3120 Mathematical Statistics (3 cr)
APMA 3100 Probability and Statistics (3 cr)
APMA 3120 Statistics (3 cr)
Computer Science CS 1010 Introduction to Information Processing (3 cr)
CS 1110 Introduction to Programming (3 cr)
CS 1111 Introduction to Programming (3 cr)
CS 1112 Introduction to Programming (3 cr),
CS 1020 Introduction to Business Computing (3 cr)
Methods EDIS 5450 Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools (3 cr)
Practicum Field Experience to include Algebra I in either EDIS 488x or EDIS 588x

For further information:
Joe Garofalo, Bavaro 206E, 434/924-0845,


Additional Endorsements through Testing
Teacher candidates can add additional endorsements by passing the Praxis II test in each endorsement area. This option is not available for those seeking an early/primary preK-3, special education, or elementary education preK-6 endorsement. With prior notification, Curry can approve the additional endorsement at the time of initial licensure application. This option is also available after graduation and licensure is earned.

Additional Endorsements through Coursework
Teacher candidates can add additional endorsements by earning the required course credits in a field as identified by the VDOE Licensure Regulations for School Personnel. With prior notification, Curry can approve the additional endorsement at the time of initial licensure application. This option is also available after graduation and licensure is earned.

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