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Curry Participant Pool (CPP)


The purpose of the Curry Participant Pool (CPP) is to provide information for studies of the Curry Teacher Education Program and its programmatic improvement efforts, as well as to expose Teacher Education students to the types of research being pursued at the University of Virginia. If we understand how effective teachers develop and their impact on the pupils they teach, we can improve student learning in our nation’s schools.

All students in the Curry Teacher Education program are expected to undertake research activities through participation in the CPP as entrants to the professional field of education. CPP is our way of ensuring that there is an orderly, approved process (meaning CPP requests have been vetted as legitimate research requests) while providing a limit to the requests for our students’ time. 



The CPP structure was revised beginning with the 2014-15 academic year.  It is now broken into CPP-R (for those activities that are required) and CPP-V (for those that are voluntary). Teacher education students will complete a minimum of 2 research requirements (CPP-R) each academic year.  The data collected from CPP-R activities is used to inform program improvement initiatives and accreditation.  Students are given an option to allow the data to also be used for publishable research.

CPP-V research activities are offered to appropriate groups of teacher education students depending on the nature of the research projects.  CPP-V research must include IRB approval and can originate at UVa or any college or research institution.  For more information on utilizing the CPP for research purposes, please contact the CPP Manager, Anthony DeMauro, at  CPP-V data can be enhanced with other gathered CPP data approved for research purposes.

CPP research task activities are usually online surveys, but can also take the form of in-person or phone interviews, focus group discussions, or education related tasks (e.g. responding to activities seen on a video or in a reading). Some projects are repeated each year to provide researchers with longitudinal data, e.g. Common Core Survey (CCS). Some are unique projects with very narrow parameters for participation and are therefore not open to all teacher education students. Because of the nature of the CPP research cycle, many research projects do not become available until each Spring Semester. Teacher education students will be notified as participation opportunities in new projects become available throughout the academic year.


Access to the approved research studies is currently available through Chalk & Wire. All B/MT and PG/MT students should have access to Chalk & Wire through course requirements.   Notification of available CPP-R studies will be sent directly to teacher ed students through the Chalk & Wire system.  Requested participants for CPP-V studies will be sent an invitation through Chalk & Wire, as well.

Surveys typically take 25 to 60 minutes to complete. Failure to complete CPP-R surveys will be considered in evaluations for students’ overall academic standing and continued participation in their degree program. Voluntary completion of CPP-V surveys will support one’s growth as an educational professional, and be weighed in consideration for scholarship and award eligibility.

For more information, including requests to utilize the CPP for research purposes, please contact the CPP Manager, Anthony DeMauro, at

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