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Teaching adolescents
Teaching students with unique needs

Teaching Young Children

Elementary School Teacher

Working with young children as a teacher is an incredibly rewarding career. 

Seeing them grow intellectually and socially and knowing that you are making an impact on the rest of their lives is very fulfilling.  Whether it’s a standard elementary school classroom that interests you, or you want to help pre-school students, Curry has an MT program that will lead to initial teaching licensure enabling you to work with young people.  

Teaching licensure programs are determined by the Commonwealth, and Curry is approved to offer preparation programs in a number of endorsement areas that will put you in daily contact with young children. 


In particular, we recommend you review one or more of the following Curry Master of Teaching programs that will license you to teach young children: 

Each of the program links on this webpage will lead you to more information about entrance requirements, degree and licensure expectations, as well as contact information for those who can tell you more about a specific program.

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