Diversity Action Committee

Committee Charge

The committee is charged with the coordination and design of diversity-related processes and programs for the school that are consistent with the Curry philosophy on diversity and also integrate principles established by the University. DAC will work closely with the Faculty Council and the Curry Administrative Team to enact Curry’s diversity mission. The key aim of the DAC will be to support interested faculty and staff eager to engage in diversity-related programs and projects, and to promote actions that lead to a culture and atmosphere where all faculty, staff, and students can reach their full potential. Examples of DAC activities and actions include but are not limited to:

  1. The DAC will function as a resource and planning group, examining issues related to faculty, staff, and student hiring, admission, recruitment and retention, curricular reform, program development, and recognition of diversity-related research and practice in the Curry School. The DAC will establish clear goals and measurable outcomes in these areas so progress toward those goals can be assessed.
  2. The DAC will meet at least once per month. At least one meeting per semester will function as an “assembly”, where interested faculty, students and staff meet in order to gauge the “pulse” of the Curry community and solicit ideas and feedback on diversity issues. Regular monthly meetings will be a more formal business/planning meeting.
  3. The DAC will serve as a safe space for “difficult dialogues” and “courageous conversations” around issues of diversity, equity, and justice. To this end, faculty and staff should know this is the group to come to with issues or concerns.
  4. The DAC will help coordinate diversity-related programs, workshops, and lectures, and interact with the Staff advisory group and SEEDS for Change (student group) to make sure diversity and equity issues are visible in Curry. This includes an on-line and social media presence.
  5. The DAC will report regularly to the Curry Faculty Council (at least twice per semester), enabling diversity to become well-integrated into the governance structure within Curry.
  6. The DAC will regularly interact with University diversity-related groups and stay abreast of initiatives and policies impacting diversity and equity at the University level.