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DEI Collective Professional Learning Series

DEI Collective Professional Learning Series

Each month the School of Education and Human Development's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) will engage faculty and staff in Professional Learning focused on DEI. The monthly professional learning will have four parts:

  1. Read: Short and impactful articles, chapters, or blogs to help frame the topic for the month (Week 1).
  2. Watch/Listen: Watch a pre-recorded presentation, YouTube recordings, and/or listen to a podcast focused on the topic for the month (Week 2).
  3. Write: Journal, write reflections, and respond to prompts/questions based on the "read" and "watch/listen" for the month reading and recording (Week 3).
  4. Engage: Participate in a live Zoom session, which may include authors from the readings, presenters from the pre-recorded session or podcast, or an expert on the topic of the month (Week 4).

The DEI Professional Learning is intentionally framed in this way to allow faculty and staff to build a shared understanding of topics and concepts (read and watch/listen) before engaging.

October 2020: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Professional Learning Series

October is the introduction to the Office of DEI's Professional Learning Series. Dean Bob Pianta and Associate Dean Robert Berry will kick off the professional learning series by unpacking diversity, equity, and inclusion at the macro-level by providing insights to their lens on issues related to DEI. The intent is to reflect on the definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion and create space for dialogue on these concepts.


Unpacking Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Bob and Robert

  • Write:

    The Office of DEI invites you to start a DEI journal or create a space where you can reflect and unpack your thoughts. The reading and the pre-recorded session may be helpful with your reflections and thought. It is not necessary to provide answers to all of the questions below; instead, the questions should offer insights into your reflections and thoughts.


    • Reflect on your personal diversity. Please consider aspects of your personal diversity that can be seen and heard and those that cannot. What aspect of your personal diversity makes you proudest?
    • In what ways does your personal diversity (racial, ethnic, and cultural background) impact your work?
    • Does your personal diversity (racial or ethnic identity) enter your process of making daily decisions? If so, how?


    • Have you ever felt different and/or not included in a group setting because of your personal diversity? How did it affect you?
    • Have you ever been invited to participate in a group but not allowed to participate fully? What is that like?
    • Imagine being part of our School community but feeling like you are not able to participate fully. What policies and practices impact moving the School to invite faculty, staff, and students to the table and enable inclusive participation?


    • Have you or have you ever witnessed someone being treated unfairly because of their personal diversity? How did you respond?
    • What are some steps you will take towards equity in our School and community?
    • What practices and policies do you see the School must engage to ensure that all community members thrive?

    Padlet Board for Reflections

  • Engage:

    October’s session was hosted on October 27. Feel free to review the slides from this session.