Master of Teaching Degrees

Our nationally recognized Master of Teaching programs are designed to prepare you to meet the challenges of today’s elementary, middle and high schools.

At the Curry School, you can learn from nationally renowned faculty, and participate in ample field experience to be ready and confident for your teaching position.

Graduates from the Curry School's M.T. programs enjoy an excellent job placement rate. There is a teacher shortage in Virginia and across the country, so your options are many upon graduation and in the future. There is an even higher demand in Special Education, STEM and ESL, so teachers with these credentials are normally offered premium salaries.

  • Teaching Young Children

    Teaching young children is an exciting opportunity with ample responsibility. You get to see their excitement and unbridled enthusiasm to learn. You guide the first steps of their education journey. Additionally, making your class a good experience will inspire self-confidence and foster a lifelong love of learning. Curry’s Master of Teaching programs below will license you to teach young children.

    MT - Elementary Education (preK-6)
    MT - Special Education - Elementary Education (preK-6)
    MT - Foreign Language (K-12)
    MT - English as a Second Language (preK-12)
  • Teaching Adolescents

    Teaching adolescents enables you to specialize in an area of interest, share your excitement about it, and create new ways to convey important concepts. For students new to your subject, the way you teach it may affect their career choices. Help students appreciate why your subject is of interest and importance and teach them to love it like you do. Students grow and mature during these years and many of the values and insights they form can shape the adult they will become. As a teacher, you are also a role model and a source of inspiration now. Understanding students’ goals and instilling useful skills to attain those goals becomes paramount. Secondary teachers look toward the future and provide opportunities for students to become successful both in and out of school. Curry’s Master of Teaching programs below will license you to teach adolescents.

    MT - Foreign Language (K-12)
    MT - English Education (6-12)
    MT - Mathematics Education (6-12)
    MT - Science Education (6-12)
    MT - Social Studies Education (6-12)
    MT - English as a Second Language (preK-12)
  • Teaching Students with Unique Needs

    Those who want to teach are often curious people who enjoy learning and helping others. Many students have unique needs as learners: learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, language barriers, unique challenges through a gifted program, etc. In addition to being a fantastic coach and having the desire to help, teaching these students requires extraordinary knowledge about optimally effective teaching methods and superior communication skills. Curry’s combination of intensive classroom study and hands-on field work prepares you to succeed by using evidence-based, proven-effective approaches. Help someone do what they thought they never could. At Curry, our Special Education program is recognized as the 4th best in the country!

    MT - Special Education (K-12)
    MT - Special Education - Elementary Education (preK-12)
    MT - Special Education - Northern Virginia Center (K-12)

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Program Details

Accreditation Information

The Curry MT program aims to prepare teachers who exemplify best practices in connecting content, practice and research to foster academic, social, and emotional development in students with diverse backgrounds and diverse needs.  Our graduates use data and reflection in their instructional decision-making so that their impact on student learning is meaningful and measurable.  It is awarded TEAC accreditation by the Inquiry Brief Commission of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) for a period of seven years, from April, 2015 and April, 2022.  The accreditation does not include individual education courses that the EPP offers to P-12 educators for professional development, re-licensure, or other purposes.
The Virginia Department of Education ( lists the University of Virginia as an approved educator preparation program in the above endorsement areas.