Dean's Fellowship Program

The Curry School of Education and Human Development is proud to offer the Dean's Fellowship Program, a new program funded by UVA’s Strategic Investment Fund that provides increased financial support for top Ph.D. applicants.

What does the Dean's Fellowship include?

All Dean's Fellows will receive:

  • Full coverage of four years of tuition and fees
  • Health insurance
  • $32,000 for each year of study

In addition, extra travel funding for students presenting at national conferences may be available through the Dean's Travel Fellowship Program.

Who is eligible to be a Dean's Fellow?

All full-time, on-Grounds Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) applicants in the Curry School of Education and Human Development are eligible and automatically considered for the fellowship. A select number of fellowships are distributed each year, depending on the applicant pool and other variables. Explore the available Ph.D. programs.

How do I apply to be a Dean's Fellow?

All full-time doctoral applicants are automatically considered for the Dean’s Fellowship upon submission – there is no separate application. The deadline for fall 2019 admission is either December 1st or December 15th, 2018, depending on the program. Be sure to check your program's individual page for all deadlines and admission requirements.

What is the selection process?

All Ph.D. applications are reviewed by a selection committee and judged on the overall quality of the full application, including GRE scores, potential contributions to the field of study and other relevant factors. Typically, outstanding applicants are nominated for the Dean’s Fellowship by their selection committee and submitted to the Dean for final selection.

When will I be notified?

Recipients of the Dean’s Fellowship will be notified via phone or email at the time they receive their financial aid package. All Ph.D. applicants will receive notification of their financial aid packages within a few days of their acceptance into the Ph.D. program.

How do I apply for additional travel funding?

Additional travel funds are disbursed separately on a case-by-case basis. Please visit the Dean's Travel Fellowship Program page for the application form and more information about this funding.

Faculty Mentors

Below are links to Curry faculty who have served as mentors to doctoral students in recent years and who may be considering admission of new Ph.D. students.

Meet the Fellows

Hunter Holt: Social Foundations

Hunter wants to become a historian of education and help ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education.

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Sarah Lilly: Curriculum & Instruction

Sarah's interest in interdisciplinary, project-based teaching methods led her to pursue a doctorate at the Curry School.

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Kelly Edwards: Research, Statistics & Evaluation

Edwards believes that research methodology can translate data into meaningful impact.

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