Licensure in Virginia

The Virginia licensure regulations stipulate multiple routes for individuals to become licensed educators in Virginia:

  1. Approved Program – a Virginia state-approved preparation program
  2. Reciprocity for out-of-state candidates (see VDOE for more information)
  3. Alternative Licensure – available through the recommendation of the individual’s employing Virginia school division or nonpublic school after appropriate coursework is completed.

Curry offers both state-approved preparation programs and series of coursework that can be used to pursue alternative licensure.

State-Approved Programs

  • Initial Teaching License (never been licensed to teach)
    • Available through the Master of Teaching, on-grounds (Charlottesville), full-time degree program, Curry holds approval for over a dozen endorsement areas. For more information on these programs, visit our Teacher Education pages. 
    • Beginning Fall 2015, a part-time MT in Special Education - General Curriculum is available off-grounds at the Falls Church campus.
  • Administration and Supervision (assistant principal, principal, or superintendent’s office)
    • Available through a degree (masters or doctoral) program, most programs are available both on and off-grounds. Candidates must already have a Virginia license in order to be recommended for an endorsement in Admin & Supervision.
  • Reading Specialist
    • This certificate program is available both on and off-grounds, but may also be completed as part of a degree program. The endorsement requires a valid teaching license and at least 3 years of teaching experience during which the teaching of reading was a primary responsibility.
  • School Counselor
    • Only available through the M.Ed. in Counselor Education, on-grounds (Charlottesville), full-time degree program, a separate teaching license is not necessary to earn this K-12 license.
  • School Psychologist
    • The clinical-school track of the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology leads to licensure in school psychology. This full-time degree program is offered on-grounds for the first four years.
  • Add-On Teaching Endorsements (have or are working toward a teaching license)
    • Licensed teachers who are seeking to add an endorsement through one of the Curry state-approved programs may do so through a degree program or through a course series. Gifted Education is available on-grounds (includes a practicum) and online (does not include a practicum). Candidates interested in the other two approved add-on endorsements (Mathematics – Algebra I or Early Childhood 3- or 4-Year Olds) should contact the Teacher Ed office for more information.

Course Series

  • Additional Teaching Endorsements
    • Licensed teachers who are seeking to add an endorsement can review available coursework on grounds, at a remote campus, or online through the Professional Learner pathway of the Curry website.
  • Alternative Licensure Coursework(including moving from a Provisional to a Professional License)
    • Once needed coursework is determined (either through discussion with the employing Virginia school division hiring personnel or by reviewing the VDOE Licensure regulations), checking for availability for those courses at Curry (online, in Charlottesville, or other remote sites) can be found through the Professional Learner pathway of the Curry website.

Applying for Virginia Licensure

All licensure applications must be submitted to VDOE, the only agency that can grant a license or added endorsement. In some cases, the university can assist with that process.

  • State-Approved Programs
    • If your program results in a degree, you will be given directions while applying for graduation on how to submit paperwork to Curry for verification of your completion of a state-approved program.

      If your program results in a certificate (i.e. Admin & Supervision or Reading Specialist) complete the Certificate Completion form and follow the directions for receiving your signed College Verification form from Curry.

  • Course Series
    • If you are completing a series of courses that have not been identified as a state-approved program, then the employing Virginia school division hiring personnel will assist you with your licensure application. The university does NOT complete a College Verification form, as that is used ONLY for state-approved programs.

      You will need to request a transcript from the university in order to document your completed coursework.

Applying for Licensure in another state

If you plan to work in another state, be sure to review that state’s expectations for reciprocity of licensure/certification. Most will accept the completion of a state-approved program outside their state with the submission of their version of the College Verification form. Please meet with the licensing individual at Curry to whom you submit your Virginia College Verification form to discuss appropriate paperwork.

Still have questions? Contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at 434-924-0742.