Undergraduate Transfer Credits

Credits Earned Prior to Admission

A maximum of 60 non-UVA credits (including transfer and test credit) can count toward the degree at UVA.  These may include transfer credit approved by the University, AP credits, International College-level exams, and dual enrollment coursework taken in high school.  (The University does not award credits or exemptions from requirements via the College Level Examination Program.)  After admission, if the course you took is not listed in the transfer credit database, complete and submit the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Form. This form should be submitted to the Student Services Office (102 Ruffner Hall).

Credits Earned After Admission

A Curry undergraduate student may take coursework at another accredited degree-granting institution of higher education in the U.S. and transfer credits to UVA.  To do so, you must seek permission before studying elsewhere. You do so by submitting the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Form.  If the course you wish to take is listed in transfer credit database enter the course and its equivalent on the form.  If not listed, consult your Curry advisor for guidance.  (Use separate forms for each institution you wish to attend.)  Obtain required signatures.  Once acted upon by all parties, you will receive a copy of the form for your records.  Once you have completed the coursework bring an official copy of your transcript to the Student Services Office (102 Ruffner Hall).  Without this document we cannot enter the transfer credits into SIS.  Transfer credits will be added to your UVA transcript no later than 2 weeks after receipt of official transcript from host institution. 

If you secured prior permission and received a grade of C or better, you will receive credit.  Courses passed with an S, P, or credit grading option will transfer only upon verification that they represent work equivalent to a C or better.  Such courses will be counted toward total Credit/Non-Credit courses allowed in the degree program.  You will receive no more than the number of semester hours of transfer credit that you are awarded by the host institution.  Quarter hours will be reduced proportionally to their semester hour equivalent.  (If you have already received credit at UVA for the equivalent course, duplicate credit will not be awarded.)

No more than 60 non-UVA credits (including transfer and test credit) can count toward the degree at UVA.

Twelve or more credits attempted in a single semester at another institution will constitute one of the full-time semesters allotted to each Curry student.