Ann Shargo Lhospital

Research Scientist

  • Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2011
  • M.Ed., University of Virginia, 2007
  • BA, University of Arizona-Tucson, 2005

My areas of focus include coaching and school consultation that improve children’s learning and social-emotional outcomes.

As a clinician and researcher, I’ve seen how children and adults thrive, and struggle, in context. For example, we know that children who display challenging behaviors can transform through closer connections with a caring adult. I’ve also learned through my own research that teachers can experience better outcomes in response to change in their school context, like a supportive coach or school team.

I’ve developed a great interest in coaching teachers to help children overcome behavioral and learning challenges. I have trained and supported coaches on two projects: LOOK and VPI+. Though the coaching practices remain largely consistent — including the use of data, video, and communication skills to evoke teachers’ motivation for change (Motivational Interviewing) — the content focus varies. Whereas LOOK focused on strategies for addressing challenging behavior, VPI+ aims to improve teacher practice on a broader scale, including teacher-child interactions, content instruction, and individualized instruction. To address this scope of practices, my team and I have developed practical coaching tools and resources, like the video clip directory (

My other primary focus through VPI+ has been school consultation work, which involves training and supporting school teams around the state in continuous improvement. The question of how we improve our neediest students’ outcomes is complex to answer, and even harder to put into action. I’ve observed how school teams—aligned around common goals, armed with useful data, and networked with peers—can make real progress. Â Following the VPI+ grant, I hope to continue partnering with schools that focus on facilitating systems change, within and beyond classroom contexts.

Early Childhood Education in Virginia

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