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The Central Virginia Writing Project (CVWP) offers a dual focus, with emphases on the importance of (1) the teacher as writer and (2) students as writers across the curriculum. We provide support for educators in our area of Virginia, kindergarten through university.

The CVWP is one of six projects in Virginia designed to help area teachers develop as writers and teachers of writing. Based on similar principles, these projects are linked as the Virginia Writing Project and linked, again, via the National Writing Project. The Virginia Writing Project is designed to improve the writing of all Virginia’s students, kindergarten through university. Each of the six sites provides an Institute every summer for educators to gain knowledge and expertise they can use as they become change agents in their schools and school divisions. During the summer institutes, educators examine problems in the teaching of writing, present and demonstrate approaches to the teaching of writing, study current and past research in the field, and write in various modes and from different points of view.

For CVWP our centerpiece professional development effort is our four-week Invitational Summer Writing Institute. All participants have at least 3 years of teaching experience, and are selected during the preceding fall. Then, during the spring preceding their Institute, members of CVWP Leadership Team coach the participants as they study their students as writers and themselves as teachers of writing. Later, after participating in the Summer Institute, everyone becomes involved in what we call “Continuity,” which is a support system designed to ensure the educators’ growth as writing teachers during the year following their Institute.

Throughout every school year and summer, CVWP provides other opportunities for professional development via workshops, writing retreats, a Young Authors’ Camp for rising 3-5 graders, and credit courses. Additionally, the CVWP works with system level administrators to implement instructional practices that promote the teaching of writing and reading. Overall, the CVWP strives to meet the reading/writing needs across the curriculum of students at all grade levels in our service area.

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  • About The Project

    The Central Virginia Writing Project (CVWP), one of over 200 sites of the National Writing Project, provides support for educators across Central Virginia, early childhood through university, and across all disciplines. We offer a dual focus on both the importance of the teacher as writer and students as writers across the curriculum.

    CVWP provides a variety of professional development opportunities across the state where teachers teach teachers effective practices that enhance student writing and learning. We share the National Writing Project's vision of empowering teacher-leaders to be change agents.

    The CVWP is organized and run by a leadership team composed of educational professionals in our region.

    Region Served by CVWP

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    School Divisions Served by CVWP

    Albermarle Buckingham Highland Powhatan Buena Vista City
    Alleghany Culpeper Louisa Prince Edward Charlottesville City
    Amelia Fluvanna Lunenburg Rockbridge Clifton Forge City
    Amherst Goochland Madison Rockingham Harrison City
    Appomattox Greene Mecklenberg   Lynchburg City
    Augusta Halifax Nelson    
    Bath Hanover* Orange    

    *Hanover is not shown in yellow on the map but it is served by CVWP.

  • Paying For Events

    If paying by check of by Purchase Order for events sponsored by the Central Virginia Writing Project please make checks out to the University of Virginia. Please make a note of the event(s) your are signing up for, the names of the individuals who are enrolling in the event, full contact information for each individual and the full contact information for the school district contact.  If you have questions please contact Becky Yancey at 434-982-5205 or rla@virginia.edu.

    Please mail payments to:
    Central Virginia Writing Project
    c/o Center for the Liberal Arts
    Attn: Becky Abell Yancey
    102 Cresap Road
    Charlottesville, VA  22903

  • How To Contribute

    Dear Friends of the Central Virginia Writing Project,

    Even in this era of budget cuts, The Central Virginia Writing Project (CVWP) is growing, sprouting new writers, and looking for some sunshine from others.

    You can contribute to the CVWP by clicking here.

    The CVWP offers a dual focus, with emphases on both the importance of the teacher as writer and students as writers across the curriculum. We provide support for educators across Central Virginia, kindergarten through university. Our mission promotes writing across the curriculum and writing in the disciplines.

    CVWP joins you in envisioning a future where every person is an accomplished writer, engaged learner, and active participant in a digital world.

    We look forward to your continued support of our mission!

    Warm Regards,

    The CVWP Leadership Team