Ashley Staggers

Ashley is a Youth & Social Innovation major from Stafford, Virginia.

412x412_Ashley_square.jpgUVA, and the Curry School specifically, has been a journey of awesome unknowns and surprising discoveries. For someone who likes to have things figured out, allowing my world and my views to get rocked every day has been an adventure that I've learned to encourage.

Outside of class, I am involved with Chi Alpha, Madison House, and Third Year Council. My hobbies involve cooking, making music, and eating. I love hanging out with my family and with my friends, doing spontaneous things. Also, I was an athlete before college, so I love watching sports and screaming at the players, refs, or the TV!

After graduation, no matter what I end up doing, I know it will involve working with youth. My heart has been for the youth since I could think for myself. They are America's future and if there's any hope for a better world, it's certainly not coming from the adults! Young people still have the capacity to change and do better. Therefore, I'll give them all of me; in hopes that my efforts will help more than just one person.

The thing I love most about the Curry School is the personable nature of the professors. They're all so chill. You can talk to them about anything, as radical or as wild as you want to.

You can find me on Instagram @ashleystaggers3