Justice Wade

Justice is double-majoring in Youth & Social Innovation and Government, with a minor in Art History. He is from Hampton, Virginia.

412x412_Justice_square.jpgThe Curry School has been a fantastic way for me to learn about youth, social injustice, and myself in a rather holistic manner. Curry, and YSI in particular, is about more than kids or education – it is policy, human development, community, and more.

Outside of class, my involvement includes EdCouncil, YSI Outreach Committee, and the YSI mentoring program. I am the leadership and foundations undergraduate representative (EDLF) for council, I try to connect YSI and grounds together through the Outreach Committee, and I work with the lower cohorts of YSI to help them pick classes and support them. I love to skateboard, rock climb, and surf, so when I am not studying I am most likely doing those activities.

After graduation, I would love to become a consultant at a think tank or for an education advocacy company, teach, or enter the youth development field. I like quite a lot of things, so it's hard to narrow down exactly what I would like to do.

Curry is a family. We are all able to relate to one another in some capacity, and innovation is welcomed, rather than rejected. Curry is constantly looking to improve every program and readjust for the learning of their students. That is a rare quality to find in a program, school, or university.