Logan Tyree

Logan is a Youth & Social Innovation major with a minor in Religious Studies. He is from Rustburg, Virginia.


My academic experience in the Curry School thus far has been incredible. The Curry School is like a tight-knit family. The small class sizes and personable professors have made me feel so comfortable and like I belong. The classes are so interesting and rigorous, challenging me to collaborate with others and think outside of the box. The thing I love most about Curry is the community that it provides. Every time I walk into Curry, I feel like I am being welcomed home.

I am involved in many things around Grounds other than being a Curry Student Ambassador. My main involvement at UVA is with the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). As a member of RUF, I lead a Men's Bible Study and I also lead a Bible Study called Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God. I also am a Horizons Fellow through the Theological Horizons program. Lastly, I am a member of the Virginia No-Tones, which is UVA's a cappella group for people who can't quite sing all that well. We have weekly "practices" in which we sing songs together and decompress from a long school week - it is such a blast and one of my less "serious" commitments! My main hobbies revolve around sports and activity. Whether it is watching on TV, playing, or attending a sporting event, I am all for it! I also love to go to the gym, play basketball, and go on runs during my week. My second favorite hobby is listening to music or going to concerts.

After graduation, I could see myself having a career in ministry or teaching, but I am just not sure yet.

You can follow me on Instagram @itsme_tyree