Noelle McDonald

Noelle is a Psychology major who is also working toward her master's degree in Elementary Education through the Curry School's 5-year B/MT program. She is from Arlington, Virginia.

412x412_Noelle_square.jpgSo far, I have had an extremely positive academic experience in the Curry School. As a third year transfer to UVA, I was looking for a focused, challenging program. Curry has given me just that! As an aspiring Elementary School teacher, the B/MT program has guided me and taught me how to perform my best in the classroom.

In addition to being a Curry Student Ambassador, I am part of Delta Gamma here at UVA, which has been so fun and an awesome way to meet new people. I love people, and mainly children, which is why I want to be an elementary school teacher! Being a transfer to the University has opened so many opportunities to meet new people, which has been so fun. Everybody has a unique story and I always find it interesting hearing what they are all about! I also love staying active - whether it be yoga, running, or just walking around Grounds.

After graduation, I hope to be a first grade teacher! I have always wanted to be a teacher and with the help of the Curry School that dream is coming true. I'm very interested in Spanish Immersion, so I'm hoping to work with children who are not native English speakers.

The best thing about Curry is definitely the people. Last semester, my dad died, which was a super difficult transition while also keeping up with my schoolwork. All of my Curry professors were super helpful and ensured that I would still succeed during this hard time. I did not get behind and managed to finish the semester strong. Not only were they helpful academically, they were always there to talk or give me a hug. I also have found such a fun and loving group of friends through the Curry School. During this time they were so supportive and walked with me every step of the way. They feel like family and I am so so grateful.

You can find me on Instagram @nooooelleeee