Zoe Sadugor

Zoe is a Youth & Social Innovation major from North Bethesda, Maryland.

412x412_Zoe_Sadugor_square.jpgI absolutely love being a student in the Curry School. Not only do my classes encourage participation and engagement, but I also always leave them with a new perspective on how to think and perceive the world. My favorite aspect of the Curry School is meeting other UVA students who share similar interests and passions.

Outside of class, I am an active member of UVA’s Jewish community. Last year, I co-led Jewish Women’s Group, an association under Hillel, a Jewish organization, that focuses on creating a space to nurture positive Jewish identification. Through programming, JWG promotes community, intellectual growth, and a deeper understanding of intersectionality. The year before, I served as an intern for Hillel. I regularly attend Hillel events such as Bagels on the Lawn and Shabbat dinners. I also am a member of the Chi Omega fraternity, I participate in Sustained Dialogue, and I was on Phi Eta Sigma’s executive board last year. My hobbies including running, cheering on the Washington Capitals, traveling, hanging out with friends, and learning how to say “call the police my turtle’s on fire” in as many languages as possible.

As of right now, I am unsure as to what I want to do after graduation. One of the reasons I love my major within the Curry School is that it opens a lot of doors for me concerning post-graduation options. I’m excited to explore all my options this year and find one that fits my interests and goals.

You can find me on Instagram @znelz