The Center for Race and Public Education in the South

The Center for Race and Public Education (CRPES) in the South conducts and supports empirical research on a variety of issues that lie at the intersection of race, education, and schooling in the southern United States. CRPES advances research that illuminates the causes, consequences, and potential means of ameliorating disparities in African American youth's educational experiences and achievement. This interdisciplinary center will bring together education scholars from history, psychology, philosophy, and sociology to investigate the many facets of these disparities.

The Center for Race and Public Education in the South also recognizes that the complex history of race and public schooling has implications for a range of other student populations in contemporary US schools. Specifically, the educational experiences of students from immigrant and refugee backgrounds are inextricable from the larger history of race and education in the American South. Thus, the Center will also include in its mission the schooling experiences of other students of color, in particular those from transnational backgrounds.

Featured Faculty at CRPES

Valerie Adams-Bass

Assistant Professor Bass was recently interviewed about racial stereotypes and the blockbuster movie Black Panther


Natalia Palacios

Associate Professor Palacios studies low-income, minority or immigrant populations and children's development.

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Paul Harris

Assistant Professor Harris studies college readiness of underrepresented students & identity development of student athletes.

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