Youth-Nex Faculty and Staff Resources

YN Contacts:

Crystal Haislip – HR, Research Support & Tech – – Ruffner 216

Martha Pullen – Purchasing, Reimbursements & Admin – – Ruffner 225

Leslie Booren – Communications & Marketing – – Ruffner 225


Youth-Nex Main Office (Ruffner 225)

This is an administrative office for staff and common space for everyone affiliated with Youth-Nex. Please do not leave Ruffner 225 unlocked outside the 8-5 PM business hours. This is best practice for safety of computers, equipment, and personal belongings. If you need a key to Ruffner 225, please email Crystal.


Faculty and staff mailboxes are located within this office. We also have a microwave, small refrigerator, water cooler, and Keurig coffee maker. These items are available for use by all students, faculty, and staff.

  • Please be mindful of the administrative staff when using this space.
  • Please make sure you remove food from the fridge on a weekly basis.
  • Please keep the coffee station, microwave and fridge tidy by cleaning up leaks and spills immediately.
  • Please do not use the microwave & Keurig at the same time – they will blow a fuse, the entire office will lose power, and facilities management must reset the fuse.


Kitchens are also located on the 1st and 3rd floors of Ruffner Hall and the 1st floor of Bavaro Hall.


Youth-Nex Lab (Ruffner 227)

This is the main area for students to work on Youth-Nex projects. Please do not leave Ruffner 227 unlocked. This is best practice for safety of computers, personal belongings and sensitive data that may be stored in the lab. Please note that there are times when this space might be used for lab meetings, brown bag lunches, etc.

If you need a key to Ruffner 227, please email Crystal.


Physical Addresses

            USPS Mailing

            Youth-Nex, University of Virginia

            PO Box 400281

            Charlottesville, VA 22904-4281


Express Carrier

Youth-Nex, Curry School of Education

University of Virginia

405 Emmet Street South

Ruffner Hall, Room 225

Charlottesville, VA 22903


Office Phones and Fax

Using Your UVA Phone

-Quick Tips-

On-Grounds: Dial the 5-digit extension (2-xxxx, 3-xxxx, 4-xxxx or 7-xxxx)

Off-Grounds:  Dial “9” + seven-digit local telephone number 

Long distance (US/Canada):  Dial 9 + 1+ area code + the seven-digit number of the party you are calling.

Long Distance (International): You must enter a Forced Authorization Code (FAC) to dial internationally. If you need to make International calls frequently and need a FAC, please email Crystal.

Conference Room phones are described in further detail below.


Youth-Nex Fax number

(434) 982-6035

Room: Ruffner Hall 225


IT Support

Curry School - Educational Technologies Office (ETO)

The ETO provides technology support to the academic and research endeavors of the Curry School. It also provides Curry faculty, staff and researchers with equipment, network services, software, as well as other technical recommendations and support. Additionally, through the ETO, equipment may be checked out for Curry staff, faculty, researchers and eligible students.


Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm

Phone: 434-924-7086

Room: Ruffner Hall 121


Please note that the ETO cannot assist with personal machines of faculty, staff, or students.


University of Virginia – Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS is available to address technological needs of the entire University.

Web: Information Technology Services

UVA Software Gateway

Login Links – this is a great page to bookmark in your browser as it has most, if not all, of the UVA Logins that you will need daily.


2-Step Login (Duo)

All UVA students, faculty, and staff (excluding Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center employees) are required to enroll in 2-Step Login (Duo) to access NetBadge-protected resources.

How to Enroll in 2-Step Login (Duo) Please make sure you set up multiple approval routes to ensure your ability to access our required systems.



Email for Faculty & Staff (Office 365)

Email Alias & Forwarding


Network Printing / Copying / Scanning

Network printing at Curry is managed by ETO. There are several printers/copiers/scanners located throughout Ruffner and Bavaro. You will need to be set up with access codes, but you can print/copy/scan on any of the machines listed below once you have a code. These codes are specific to projects within Youth-Nex and should be used accordingly.

If you have questions about this process or if you need to add/update access codes, please email Crystal.

Instructions for printing/copying/scanning are provided in each of these locations.

Web: Network Printing at Curry


Curry Directory

All faculty and staff are listed in the Curry Directory and entries include a photo, degree information, a short bio, and a link to your CV as well as your contact information.

Web: Curry Directory

If you have questions or wish to make updates to your Curry directory entry, please email Leslie.



Outgoing mail

USPS mail and Messenger mail can be left in the mailbox labeled “Outgoing Mail” in Ruffner 225. Stamped mail can be placed in the outgoing mailbox. Project specific unstamped USPS mail will require a billing cover sheet allocated to a specific Youth-Nex project. If you need a cover sheet, please email Martha.

Incoming mail

You will have an assigned mailbox in the YN Main Office, Ruffner Hall 225. If you are a faculty member or research associate, you will also have a mailbox in the main office of your affiliated department.


Conference Rooms

Meeting rooms in Ruffner Hall and Bavaro Hall support Curry School of Education academic, research, and development programs. Students, faculty and staff may reserve space using Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Instructions, locations and room specifications are available on the Curry School website.

Web: Curry Conference Spaces (Please note that Ruffner 281 is no longer a conference room.)



Each conference room is equipped with a phone. Internal and local calls can be made free of charge. Long-distance and international calls require a FAC. If you need to make a long-distance or international call when in a conference room, please let Martha or Crystal know a minimum of 48 hours in advance, if possible, of your meeting so you can borrow a FAC if you don’t have one.


Technology/Other Issues

If you have technical or any other issues while using a conference room, please contact the Dean’s Office in Bavaro 112 or by calling Pam Farmer at (434) 982-2285.



Classrooms within Ruffner Hall adhere to a different reservation system. For scheduling those spaces, please visit the ITS-supported classroom reservation system.


Video & Audio Conferencing

UVA provides Zoom accounts to all faculty, staff and students. It is also possible to transfer an existing personal Zoom account to UVA.

UVA Zoom Login



Parking for faculty and staff is available at various paid parking lots around grounds.

Web: UVA Parking and Transportation


Visitor Parking (speakers, meeting attendees, etc.)

Visitors to Youth-Nex can park in the Central Grounds Parking Garage free of charge if a coupon code is requested PRIOR to their visit. If you have a guest that will be visiting UVA, please email Martha a minimum of 48 hours in advance, if possible, before the guest arrives with the name of the guest, date, and reason for the visit. Martha will provide you with a code that your guest will need prior to parking in the Central Grounds Garage. Overflow parking is available in the Culbreth Road Garage. Please note that coupon codes are not meant for employees or students.


Office supplies & other materials

Basic office supplies are provided in the YN Main Office, Ruffner 225. If you need additional supplies or if you take the last of a specific supply item, please email Martha.


Business Cards

Business cards can be ordered for faculty and staff. If you would like to place an order or get updated business cards, please email Martha.



UVA Maps & Directions



Recycling boxes are in black cabinets on each floor in Ruffner. All CONFIDENTIAL items need to be shredded. There is a shredder located in the YN Main Office. Shredders are also located at each network printing station. If you have large shredding needs, or secured shredding, please email Martha.

Please do not leave recycling in Ruffner 225. All cardboard boxes must be broken down. Can and bottle recycling bins are also located throughout Ruffner and Bavaro.


Wireless guest access

Guests of UVA (individuals who are not faculty, staff, or students) have four options for accessing the Internet using a UVA WiFi network.

Guest Access to the UVA WiFi Network


Facilities Management

For any facilities issues/emergencies within Ruffner or Bavaro, please email



Travel Arrangements/Reimbursements for faculty and staff

Please consult with Martha prior to making your travel arrangements. If you are traveling for a PI, please secure approval via email before travel arrangements are made. Airfare, hotel and car rental can be booked by using TravelUVA. For reimbursements, please submit itemized receipts and PI approval via email to Martha within 10 days of the completion of travel. All faculty and staff travel reimbursements are processed by Martha through ExpenseUVA (Chrome River).


Travel Arrangements/Reimbursements for students and non-employees

Additional steps are required for travel for students and non-employees. Please email Martha prior to making travel arrangements for students and non-employees and/or prior to agreeing to cover specific travel costs for students and non-employees. Martha will work with the student and non-employee on travel arrangements and reimbursements.


Other Important Websites

  • Youth-Nex
    • Youth-Nex People
    • Youth-Nex Calendar of Events

About Youth-Nex

Youth-Nex, The UVA Center to Promote Effective Youth Development, is a trans-disciplinary center that aims to expand and apply the science of positive youth development to address fundamental challenges facing societies around the world.