Youth-Nex Events

Youth-Nex hosts a series of events throughout the year that vary in content, structure and audience. Highlighted here are those event categories with more information provided.


Conferences & Special Events

Youth-Nex hosts regular conferences and special events are by invitation only.



Youth-Nex typically hosts scholars each semester from outside the Curry School to discuss their research and scholarship. These are open to the public.


Works-in-Progress Meetings

Youth-Nex holds a series of monthly presentations for UVA faculty and graduate students to discuss challenges, interesting new issues, or findings. If you would like to attend and are not UVA faculty or a graduate student, please contact


BYOLunch & Learns

Youth-Nex affiliated faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students also informally discuss their ongoing work during BYOLunch & Learns. There will no presentations or sign-ups for spaces for these dates. This is a time to informally discuss developing projects and ideas, receive feedback on papers or grants, share ideas, and explore potential collaborations for projects.