Positive Youth Development

The Youth-Nex Inaugural Conference

"Forward Thinking: Preparing Our Youth for the Coming World" — October 24 and 25, 2011


 Youth-Nex held an invitation-only conference on positive youth development on October 24 and 25, 2011. The conference, 'Forward Thinking: Preparing Our Youth for the Coming World,' brought together leading scholars, advocates, media professionals, and policy leaders for a vigorous and engaging exchange toward formulation of next steps to increase knowledge and inspire action to support youth development in Virginia and across the nation.

Attendees included: U.S. Attorney, Tim Heaphy; members of the Virginia Departments of Education; Criminal Justice Services; and Health, Injury and Violence Prevention. Among the presenters were New York Times best selling author, Peggy Orenstein; MacArthur Foundation's Director of Education, Constance Yowell; Scholars Richard M. Lerner, Bruce Simons-Morton, Deborah Tolman, civil rights advocate, Robert Garcia, and many more. View Slide Show.



1. Keynote Address: Richard M. Lerner - VIDEO

2. Promoting Physical Activity and Well-Being - VIDEO
Arthur Weltman-slides, Russell Pate-slides, Stewart Trost-slides, Karin Allor Pfeiffer-slides, Robert Garcia-slides,

3. Peer Influences for Effective Development - VIDEO
Joseph Allen, Mitchell Prinstein-slides, Bradford Brown-slides, Scott Gest-slides, Bonnie Leadbeater-slides

4. Youth as Engaged Citizens - VIDEO
Joanna Lee Williams, Reed Larson, Connie Flanagan-slides, Ben Kirshner-slides, Jonathan Zaff-slides

5. Positive Youth Development Approach to Developmental Risk Avoidance - VIDEO
Dewey Cornell-slides, Richard Catalano-slides, Bruce Simons-Morton-slides, Deborah Tolman-slides, Sangeeta Tyagi-slides

6. Media: Use and Effects - VIDEO
Nancy Deutsch, Craig Watkins-slides1, slides 2, Brian Mustanksi-slides 1, slides 2, Peggy Orenstein, Constance Yowell

7. Wrap-Up Panel - VIDEO
Patrick Tolan, Karen Pittman-slides, Suzanne Le Menestrel-slides, Brian Wilcox