Bullying Research Network Think Tank (2012)

The Second Annual Bullying Research Network Think Tank: New Directions for Positive Youth Development — June 21 and 22, 2012

Youth-Nex co-hosted a two-day meeting for researchers to discuss bullying prevention through a positive youth development lens, and to advance the best scientific work in the field. Scholars attended 'The Second Annual Bullying Research Network Think Tank,' on June 21 and June 22, at the Curry School of Education. The event was sponsored by Youth-Nex and the Bullying Research Network, (BRNET). BRNET is an organization of scholars from around the world who study bullying. 

'The Think Tank was a great success with two dozen bullying researchers from across North America engaged in discussion and debate on the most pressing problems in our field,' said Youth-Nex's Dewey Cornell. 'With all of the national attention to bullying, this is an exciting time for those of us who have been studying this problem for many years and now see important advances being made in policy and practice.'

What was accomplished?
Cornell said, 'We were also able to achieve reasonable consensus on a series of issues, including research priorities, policy recommendations, best practices for educators, and advice for parents,' said Cornell. 'The differences among us are essentially the priorities for future research, since they center around key problems such as measurement and conceptualization of bullying in its various forms, as well as strategies for effective intervention.'

The group also began discussion on the extension of bullying research and theory to the full lifespan, from aggressive behavior observed in preschoolers to abuse of the elderly, according to Cornell.

Cornell said the meeting was also an opportunity for bullying scholars from North America to share their research and ideas with one another while strengthening their collective efforts.

Next Steps
As a result of the conference, the researchers are preparing four consensus documents for publication in the Journal of School Violence early next year. They are also planning a comprehensive handbook on bullying through the lifespan.

State Conference
The event followed a public conference held on bullying for school officials in Virginia. 'Bullying Prevention in the Promotion of a Positive School Climate: Effective Principles and Practices' was held June 20 at Charlottesville High School and was attended by over 500 teachers, administrators, law enforcement officials and others from across Virginia seeking the latest information in bullying prevention.