Youth-Nex Physical Health & Well-Being Conference 2013

Each year, Youth-Nex gathers leaders from across the country to discuss a new, salient topic concerning youth from the perspective of Positive Youth Development.  Scholars, practitioners, policy professionals, and students participated in the third annual event, focusing on the health and well-being of adolescents and children.  It was an engaging conversation about the latest and best research, exemplary practices, and key policy considerations. More Photos.  Agenda.


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Opening Remarks: Robert Pianta, Ph.D., Dean, Novartis Professor of Education, Curry School of Education — VIDEO

Welcome: Arthur Weltman, Ph.D., Professor of Kinesiology, Curry School of Education — VIDEO

Weltman Slides below

Additional Remarks: Megan Witherspoon - Manager of Corporate Contributions and Community Relations, Altria Client Services — VIDEO

Keynote: William H. Dietz - "What Can We Do To Increase Physical Activity in Youth?" — VIDEO
Dietz Slides below

Panel 1 - Overview of Physical Activity and Healthy Eating
Moderator - Arthur Weltman, Ph.D.

Russell Pate - “Health Effects of Physical Activity in Children and Youth: Strengths and Limitations of the Scientific Evidence” — VIDEO
Pate Slides below

Charles Hillman - "The Relation of Childhood Fitness and Adiposity to Cognitive and Brain Health" — VIDEO
Hillman Slides below

Deanna Hoelscher - “Eat Your Vegetables! Benefits of Healthy Eating in Youth” — VIDEO
Hoelscher Slides below

Lunch Presentation: Matthew Trowbridge - “Health & Place: How Our Built Environments Impact Children's Health” — VIDEO
Trowbridge Slides below

Panel 2 – Strategies to Increase Physical Activity
Moderator- Arthur Weltman, Ph.D.

Dianne Stanton Ward - “Moving Kids at Preschool and at Home” — VIDEO
Ward Slides below

Joseph E. Donnelly - “Physical Activity and Academic Achievement in Elementary School Children” — VIDEO
Donnelly Slides below

Christina Economos - “Catalyzing Communities to Prevent Obesity: A Systems Approach” — VIDEO
Economos Slides below

Phil Wendel - “Increasing Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents from the Fitness Industry Perspective” — VIDEO

Oct .11

Panel 3 – Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Moderator- Susan Saliba, Ph.D., A.T.C., P.T., F.N.A.T.A

Kirsten Davison - "Developing Sustainable Family-Centered Obesity Interventions: What Can We Learn from Developmental Psychology and Implementation Science?" — VIDEO
Davison Slides below

Randy Bird - “Game Breaking Nutrition: Athletic & Academic Development of the Young Athlete” — VIDEO
Bird Slides below

Noah Carpenter and Elizabeth ‘Bet’ Howrigan - “Students Taking Action for Improved Nutrition and Physical Activity at School – with Fuel Up to Play 60”—  VIDEO
Howrigan and Carpenter Slides below


Panel 4 – Mindfulness, Health and Well-Being: The Mind Body Connection
Moderator- David Germano, Ph.D.

Patricia Jennings - "Mindfulness-Based Approaches to Promoting Student Learning, Attention and Self-Regulation" — VIDEO
Jennings Slides below

Sheri Rand - "Mindfulness that Matters: Reclaiming Wellness for Youth and Adolescents” — VIDEO
Rand Slides below

Ali Smith - “From Inner Health to Outer Health” — VIDEO
Smith Slides below


Panel 5 – Injury Prevention and Treatment

Moderator- Jay Hertel, Ph.D., A.T.C. - Moderator

Michael F. Bergeron - "Youth Sports: Encouraging Participation and Life-long Physical Activity, Fitness and Health" — VIDEO
Bergeron Slides below

Donna K. Broshek - “Sports Concussions in Children and Adolescents” — VIDEO
Broshek Slides below

Tamara Valovich McLeod - "The Impact of Sport-Related Injury on Health-Related Quality of Life" — VIDEO
McLeod Slides below



Wrap-Up Panel
Moderator- Arthur Weltman, Ph.D.

Aleta L. Meyer - “The Impact of Chronic Stress on Adolescent Health and Well-Being: Implications for Services” — VIDEO
Meyer Slides below

Virginia Senator John Miller - “Becoming an Advocate for Change” — VIDEO

Karin Talbert Addison – Assistant Secretary for Children's Health and Education — VIDEO
Addison Slides below

Patrick Tolan - “Positive Youth Development and Physical Health and Well-Being” — VIDEO
Tolan Slides below

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