Conference Details

'Enhancing the Positive Youth Development Perspective: A Developmental Intervention Science Framework'

April 2-3, 2012

 YN brought together 23 scholars at the University's beautiful Morven Farm this spring, to advance further scientific knowledge and to formulate a framework for promoting effective youth development. We gathered to provide a research and action base for scientific study that integrates the understanding of developmental approaches to intervention evaluation through the positive youth development lens.

Rick Little, 'serial social entrepreneur' and founder of ImagineNations, International Youth Foundation, and founding president of America's Promise Alliance keynoted the event dinner on April 2. Listen to this inspiring talk by Rick Little.

(Pictured left: Reed Larson)

PANELS - Video  Slide Show Overview

1. Identifying the Fundamental PYD Processes Affecting Development: Optimal Targets for Intervention 
Stephen Hamilton (chair), Richard Catalano, Richard Lerner, Anne Petersen, Margaret Spencer

2. Learning from Prevention Science and Developmental-Intervention Approaches  to Improve PYD Interventions
and Evaluations
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn (chair), Nicholas Ialongo, Velma Murry, Joanna Lee Williams

3. Lessons from Settings and Programs for Adolescent Positive Youth Development
Jacqueline Lerner (chair), Dale Blyth, Nancy Guerra, Reed Larson, Jean Rhodes

4. Critical Considerations in a Capability Focused Approach to Intervention Design and Evaluation
Nancy Deutsch (chair), Joseph Allen, Catherine Bradshaw, J. Douglas Coatsworth, John Nesselroade

5. Forging a Collaborative Agenda for Scientific Advancement
Edward Seidman (chair), Suzanne Le Menestrel, Valerie Maholmes, Jonathan Zaff


'Forward Thinking: Preparing Our Youth for the Coming World'
October 24 and 25, 2011

  The inaugural conference brought together leading scholars, advocates, media professionals, and policy leaders for a vigorous and engaging exchange toward formulation of next steps to increase knowledge and inspire action to support youth development in Virginia and across the nation.

Attendees included: U.S. Attorney, Tim Heaphy; members of the Virginia Departments of Education; Criminal Justice Services; and Health, Injury and Violence Prevention. Among the presenters were New York Times best selling author, Peggy Orenstein; MacArthur Foundation's Director of Education, Constance Yowell; Scholars Richard M. Lerner, Bruce Simons-Morton, Deborah Tolman, civil rights advocate, Robert Garcia, and many more. View Slide Show.


1. Keynote Address: Richard M. Lerner - VIDEO slides

2. Promoting Physical Activity and Well-Being - VIDEO
Arthur Weltman-slides, Russell Pate-slides, Stewart Trost-slides, Karin Allor Pfeiffer-slides, Robert Garcia-slides,

3. Peer Influences for Effective Development - VIDEO
Joseph Allen, Mitchell Prinstein-slides, Bradford Brown-slides, Scott Gest-slides, Bonnie Leadbeater-slides

4. Youth as Engaged Citizens - VIDEO
Joanna Lee Williams, Reed Larson, Connie Flanagan-slides, Ben Kirshner-slides, Jonathan Zaff-slides

5. Positive Youth Development Approach to Developmental Risk Avoidance - VIDEO
Dewey Cornell-slides, Richard Catalano-slides, Bruce Simons-Morton-slides, Deborah Tolman-slides, Sangeeta Tyagi-slides

6. Media: Use and Effects - VIDEO
Nancy Deutsch, Craig Watkins-slides1, slides 2, Brian Mustanksi-slides 1, slides 2, Peggy Orenstein, Constance Yowell

7. Wrap-Up Panel - VIDEO
Patrick Tolan, Karen Pittman-slides, Suzanne Le Menestrel-slides, Brian Wilcox