Summer Undergraduate Research Program

What is the Summer Undergraduate Research Program?

SURP2017_0.jpgThe Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is a 10-week internship that provides undergraduates with valuable research and professional development experience under the guidance of UVA Faculty conducting education research. This internship program is designed to encourage students from groups traditionally underrepresented in the field of education research to pursue graduate study and consider careers in academic, policy, or research organizations. Interns will work on research focusing on schools, classrooms, and other youth settings as contexts critical to child and adolescent development. They will also participate in developmental workshops and meetings, and present at a research conference.

Internship Details

SURP is an 10-week full-time program. Interns will spend 8 weeks in Charlottesville as well as participate in a week of pre- and post- internship work prior to arriving and after completion of the program. Interns arrive in Charlottesville in early June and depart early August. Interns must be able to commit to the full 10 weeks of the program (including weekends).

The internship program goals are:

SURP participants have gone on to graduate programs in applied developmental and educational psychology, public policy, applied behavior analysis, urban education, school psychology, higher education, and mental health counseling.  Additionally, we have graduates working across the country at research labs, public schools, research and policy institutes and the Peace Corps.

“SURP has shaped my future goals in many ways, personally but academically most of all. It’s also prepping me for every step that I need to take to get there. It’s a very well-rounded program. SURP provides me with GRE prep, and lab experience, and workshops; basically everything that I need to know.”

– Yessenia Magana, SURP 2014

Please read more about our alumni and what they have had to say about SURP.

Internship Benefits

SURP interns receive a variety of benefits from their participation in the program.

Several of these benefits relate to interns’ personal and professional development. For instance, interns will:

  • Be prepared to apply to graduate programs in educational research
  • Clarify and develop their research interests
  • Expand their network of faculty, graduate students, and peer scholars
  • Build a proficiency in statistical methods and at least one software program
  • Develop greater familiarity with the contours of the research process and academic writing

Financial benefits of the program include a stipend of $3000, support for travel to/from Charlottesville, and $500 towards meals.

How to Apply

The application process for SURP is managed by the Leadership Alliance's Summer Research Early Identification Program. Learn more about our two-step application process here! Before applying, please read over our research opportunities for this upcoming summer to determine which ones would be the best fit for your interests.