Curry Staff Advisory Council

The purpose of the Curry School of Education’s Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) is to facilitate communication between staff and the administration of Curry School of Education to:

  • Partner with school leadership to identify, brainstorm, and implement ideas that foster an engaged and positive community.
  • Enable open dialogue to share ideas and concerns in an effort to facilitate implementation of school-wide changes and resolution of staff concerns as appropriate.
  • Provide ideas and feedback on employee development opportunities and help facilitate such opportunities.

CSAC is composed of a minimum of two representatives from each of the following categories: academic departments, centers, and administrative offices. For every additional 15 staff members over 30, that category will elect an additional representative. University and classified staff in each of these areas elect their representatives to two-year terms each June.

Information for Prospective Representatives

We encourage you to consider serving on the CSAC. The representatives have the opportunity to shape that year's staff activities and committee direction. Each representative commits to attending monthly meetings and some project-related tasks, with the goal of planning two Curry-wide staff meetings and other learning activities throughout the year. The committee also acts as a mechanism for staff suggestions on community or educational activities, and as sounding board for the Curry leadership with regard to staff initiatives.

Your 2020-2021 Curry Staff Advisory Council Members


Tina Dederscheck: Chair, Term expires 2021 (tmd2n) 434-924-7086

Vacant Position


Christopher Swenson: Term expires 2022 (cjs5hc) 434-243-6891

Emily Groves: Secretary, Term expires 2021 (eg7fe) 434-297-7996

Research & Centers

Alison Lubin: Term expires 2022 (al8za) 434-243-8622

Martha Pullen: Vice-Chair, Term expires 2022 (mmp5s) 434-243-2254

Abby Gillespie: Term expires 2021 (acg4s) 919-260-3647

Ex-officio Members

Leslie Booren, Staff Senate Representative (lmb9v) 434-243-0907

Danielle Peacock, Staff Senat Representative (dmp2n) 434-297-6969

Joey Carls, Dean's Office (jfc5f)  434-243-4326

Miriam Rushfinn, Diversity Action Committee representative (mkr5s)  434-924-1269

The Committee is working on future projects, speakers, brown bag meetings, and the staff retreat. The Committee welcomes and encourages any and all suggestions from the Curry staff as we seek some informative and educational topics. We would appreciate ideas being shared with any of the members of the Committee through personal conversation or emails.