Jessika H. Bottiani

Assistant Professor of Education, Research Faculty

  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2014
  • M.P.H., Johns Hopkins University, 2008
  • B.A. Smith College, 2001

Dr. Jessika Bottiani’s primary research interests center on policy and practice solutions to advance equitably safe and supportive public school learning environments. Her work particularly focuses on the role of structural racism as a cause and consequence of racial disparities in exclusionary school discipline practices (i.e., office discipline referrals, out-of-school suspensions, and expulsions), highlighting the need to intervene at multiple levels within school systems. Dr. Bottiani collaboratively develops and tests preventive interventions with a team of researchers at University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins University, and local schools in Maryland and Virginia to help build teacher and school police officer skills and tools to reduce dependence on exclusionary discipline tactics. Her writings cover topics related to barriers (teacher and school police officer stress) and promoters (social networks of support, coaching resources) of intervention effectiveness in closing racial discipline gaps. Dr. Bottiani is a co-investigator on multiple federally-funded research initiatives, including randomized trials of the Institute of Education Sciences-funded Double Check teacher cultural responsiveness intervention and the National Institute of Justice-funded Coping Power in the City, an evidence-based intervention to promote healthy coping skills in at-risk 9th graders and improved de-escalation and cultural sensitivity skills among Baltimore City school police officers. Dr. Bottiani presents findings at national conferences including Society for Prevention Research, Society for Research on Adolescence, and Society for Research on Child Development. She serves on the editorial board of the journal Prevention Science.