Kinesiology Enrollment Guide

With UVA summer orientation coming up, there’s a lot you can do to prepare. One of the biggest things you will do while on Grounds is enroll in your first semester of classes.

How To Prepare

Area Requirement Suggestions

  • Social Sciences (9 credits required for graduation)

    AAS courses; except AAS literature courses

    AMEL 3001, AMEL 3002

    AMST Classes (except AMST 2300)

    ANTH; except some foreign language courses offered as ANTH

    ECON (except ECON 3720, 4720)

    ETP 3860 and ETP 4810

    EVSC 2030 and EVSC 4030

    GDS 2020

    Linguistics; 2000-level or above

    MDST 3406

    Politics; except Political Theory

    PSYC (except PSYC 2200, PSYC 3210 and PSYC 4200)

    SAST 2700

    SOC (except SOC 2600)

    Women, Gender and Sexuality (WGS; formerly SWAG)

  • Humanities (9 credits required for graduation)

    AMST 2300

    Classics (CLAS)

    Comparative Literature (CPLT)

    East Asian Language and Cultures (EALC)

    East Asian Studies (EAST)

    English (except all ENWR and ENCW classes)

    Foreign Literature [East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures (except CHIN 1010-2060, JAPN 1010-2020, KOR 1010-2020, and TBTN 1010-2020), French, German, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures (except ARAB 1010-2020, 2250, 2260, 3230/5230, and 3240/5240), Slavic Languages and Literatures, and Spanish (except SPAN 3040, 4705, 4050 and 4713), Italian, and Portuguese courses in translation, and all foreign language courses above the 2020 level (except PORT 2120, which satisfies the foreign language requirement)].

    Middle Eastern Studies (MESA)

    MDST 3000

    South Asian Studies (SAST; except SAST 2700)

    South Asian Literature in Translation (SATR)

    ANTH 2370

    Art History (ARTH)

    Studio Art (ARTS; not ARTS 2070)

    Drama (DRAM)

    DANC 1400 and DANC 3400 (only)

    English (ENCW only if not used for the first writing requirement)

    Music (MUSI ONLY, except MUSI 1600, 1620, 2600, 3600; MUBN, MUEN AND MUPF courses do NOT fill this requirement)

    MDST 2000, 3050, 3100

    Architectural History (AR H) 1000, 1010, 1020, 1700, 3102, 3701, and 3203

    Architecture (ARCH) 1010

    Political Theory (PLPT)

    Philosophy (PHIL)

    Religious Studies

    MDST 4000