John Wills Lloyd

John LloydProfessor, Special Education

At Curry Since 1978

After terms as the president of two different international professional organizations, Lloyd continues to serve as the executive director for the Division for Learning Disabilities and to work on various research activities.  As of the end of May, he was finishing work on an edited textbook that is chockablock with Curry connections. He is co-editing the book, Enduring Issues in Special Education: Personal Perspectives, with Barbara Bateman and Melody Tankersley; Bateman was the Frank Talbott, Jr., visiting professor at Curry in 1996.  Tankersley, recently named associate provost at Kent State University, is a 1992 graduate of Curry’s special education doctoral program.

The book features chapters by other Curry notables: Dan Hallahan, Charles S. Robb Professor of Education; Paige Pullen, associate professor; and Jim Kauffman, professor emeritus; as well as other distinguished graduates of Curry’s special education doctoral program: Diane Browder (M.Ed. ’76, Ph.D. ’81), Snyder Distinguished Professor of Special Education, University of North Carolina Charlotte; Peggy Weiss (M.Ed. ’92, Ph.D. ‘99), assistant professor, George Mason University; Andrew Wiley (M.T. ’96, Ph.D. ’08), assistant professor, Kent State University; and Tim Landrum (Ph.D. ’90), professor and chair of the Department of Special Education, University of Louisville.

Four current doctoral students in the special education program—Kat Alves, Tiara Brown, Melissa Driver, and Shanna Hirsch—are also contributing to the book as co-authors with the editors on introductions to sections of the book.

The Bateman-Lloyd-Tankersley volume is due to be published in December 2013 by Routledge.