Stanley C. Trent

Stan TrentAssociate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

At Curry Since 1997

Trent, a 1992 graduate of Curry’s special education doctoral program, joined the Curry faculty in 1997 after five years at Michigan State University. He was lured back to work with Dan Hallahan and Jim Kauffman in the federally funded Center for Minority Research in Special Education. The four-year, $4 million initiative provided technical support to the faculty of historically black colleges and universities and other institutions with high minority populations in their efforts to obtain funding for special education research. His own research has focused on multicultural teacher training in special education, the disproportionate placement of culturally and linguistically diverse students in special education programs and programs for the gifted, and inclusive education practices in urban schools. He continues to infuse special education content in the courses he teaches for general educators. He also teaches Introduction to the Teaching Profession for first and second year students at U.Va. who are considering a teaching career.

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