Dispatches from the Golden Years

by Lynn Bell
Retirement is No Vacation for Dynamic Curry Alumni

Over the course of the Curry School’s 108-year history, it has proudly sent out its graduates to a broad array of educational and human services professions. Our alumni have drawn on their Curry education to serve both the public and their families well.

A significant proportion of Curry School alumni—nearly 40 percent of 26,000—are now in their Golden Years—retired or approaching retirement. Yet, our senior alumni tell us that they are an active lot.

Many are following their passions into new challenges, visiting new places, learning new skills, and even teaching new subjects. They are

These folk still have much to contribute, and they continue to give!

Several alumni have become authors now that they spend less time at the office (like David Harrison, M.Ed. ’65, Gerry Kruger, M.Ed. ’83, Rennie Coleman, M.Ed. ’71, and Carson Barnes, Jr., M.Ed. ’59) Others have started new businesses (like Anne Constant, M.Ed. ’72, Ed.D ’79, owner of Falls Church Jazzercise). Jim Siske (M.Ed. ’56, Ph.D. ’56) is 85 years old and just renewed his substitute teaching certification in Guilford County, NC!

Several retired alumni submitted more detailed descriptions about their adventures in retirement. Click on their names below and check out the rich variety of their post-retirement experiences. We invite you to add your story too. You can send a Dispatch from the Golden Years through our Class Notes page or email us at curry-foundation@virginia.edu

Dorothy DrakeDorothy Drake
Jim SiskeJim Siske
Joyce KnoxJoyce Knox
Linda MillerLinda Karen Miller
Richard LawsonRichard Lawson

Joyce & John Knox

M.Ed. ’70 & M.Ed. ’70
These former school teachers are now motorcycle safety instructors. Read More…

Linda Karen Miller

M.Ed. ’78, Ed.D. ’91
After retiring as a social studies teacher, she became a historical interpreter and convinced the state of Nevada to honor the First Lady of Las Vegas. Read More…

John Deupree

M.Ed. ’71
This retired university registrar became an instructor at community colleges in North Carolina working with students for whom English is a second language. Read More…

Richard Fowler

M.Ed. 60
After retiring as a foreign language teacher, he joined an organization that brings international teachers to the US. Read More…

Dorothy Drake

M.Ed. ’86
A retired elementary teacher who travels the world as an ambassador for People to People. Read More…

Robert Jackson

B.S. ’70
He retired early from teaching and is now in the Philippines writing and painting. Read More…

Susan Brown Craig

B.S. 61
After substitute teaching, she joined her husband in a new business that prepares young people for the international hospitality industry. Read More…

friends-in-snowAnd here’s a sweet story about two retired best friends who came to the Curry School together in 1954.

Friends for Life: Mary Blitch and Rev. Dr. Helen Appelberg