Celebrating Curry Couples

by Lynn Bell

The Curry School attracts bright, talented students who have a passion for serving the public through education and other human service fields.

Passion is not limited here to academic studies, however. You may not think of Curry as an especially romantic setting, but every spring brings news of new marriage proposals among student couples.

It’s not so surprising when you remember that the Curry School brings together caring adults who enjoy sharing their progress in becoming professionals or advancing their already-established careers.

A total of 968 graduates with Curry School degrees have told us they are married to another Curry School graduate. That’s 484 married couples that we know about. No doubt there are many more, as well as those with domestic partners and significant others who are Curry alumni.

Maybe you met after Curry—at your school or office. We’re sure there are many other great stories out there.

Enjoy these stories Curry alumni have already shared…

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