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Spheres of Influence

A Decade of Curry Alumni in Key State Roles

Virginia has enjoyed a steady flow of good news about education in recent months:

A number of the people influencing these exciting outcomes are Curry alumni – professionals who received thorough preparation by the Curry School for positions of leadership in education.

Eight of these leaders are introduced in this issue of Curry Magazine. Over the past decade they have impacted and continue to impact education in the commonwealth at both the preK-12 and higher education levels.

Each of these high energy professionals came to the Curry School for an advanced degree at a moment when they were ready to progress to the next level of career achievement. They were ready to move into leadership positions and expand their impact on education, and they are all definitely passionate about equity and educational opportunities for all Virginians.

We are proud of the extraordinary commitment these change agents have made to education across the commonwealth. They have helped shape Virginia’s educational institutions as they are today and are influencing the path to the future as well.

(Be sure to check out their “Words of Leadership Wisdom” on the Curry blog. In a series of posts, several of these veteran leaders share some advice for Curry students currently preparing to lead on in the years ahead.)

Patricia I. Wright Ed.D. ‘91 Math Ed Superintendent of Public Instruction Virginia Department of Education 2008-2014
Mark E. Emblidge M.Ed. ‘04, Ph.D. ‘05 Admin & Supv Member, Board President Virginia State Board of Education Member 2002-2010, President 2006-2010
Margaret VanDeman Blackmon Ed.D.‘92 Admin & Supv Executive Director Women Education Leaders in Virginia 2006-2013
Susan S. Wood Ed.D. ‘79 C & I Vice Chancellor for Academic Services & Research Virginia Community College System (VCCS) 2009-2014
Stewart D. Roberson B.S.Ed. ’77, M.Ed. ’81, Ed.D. ‘87 Admin & Supv Chair Virginia Standards of Learning Innovation Committee 2014-present
Marie C. Ireland M.Ed. ‘97 Speech Path & Aud Speech-Language Pathology Specialist Division of Special Education and Student Services, Virginia Department of Education 2005-present
John W. “Billy” Haun Ed.D. ’11 Admin & Supv Chief Academic Officer/Asst. Superintendent Virginia Department of Education 2014 - Present
Laurie L. McCullough M.Ed. ‘79, Ed.D. ‘83 Curriculum & Instruction Executive Director Virginia ASCD 2013 - Present