Curry Alumni Living Abroad
Roger Geyer

Making a Contribution in Iraq

Crossing traffic is Roger Geyer’s (Ph.D. ’08 IT) biggest safety concern, which may surprise you when you learn he lives in Iraq. The Kurdistan region, where Geyer lives in the… Read More

Tess Johnston

A Love Affair with Shanghai’s History

Tess Johnston (B.S. ’61) has been in Shanghai, China, for so long, she is considered an institution. The French Concession, a region of the city governed by France for nearly… Read More

Billy O'Steen

Shaking Up NZ Students’ Views on Service

When the 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 22, 2011, it toppled buildings, buried cars under debris, and killed 185 people. It also closed the University of Canterbury… Read More

Earth from space

Global Greetings from Alumni

Curry alumni from across the globe send their greetings to fellow alumni and former faculty. (To add your international greeting, send an email and photo to

Where in the world do Curry alumni live?

Thanks to everyone who entered your location!  It’s not too late to check in. We still want to hear from you! The following alumni won our contest: Furthest location from… Read More