Faculty Stories

Teachers in the Movement

by Lynn Bell

The American civil rights movement has been examined from many angles, and one of the more extensive archives of regional civil rights scholarship has been compiled by The Foot Soldier Project for Civil Rights Studies at the University of Georgia.  The Foot Soldier Project, an oral history and film documentary endeavor, chronicles the lives and stories of unknown and unsung activists of the civil rights movement.

Derrick AlridgeDerrick P. Alridge, a founder and co-director of the Foot Soldier Project, has now joined the Curry School faculty in the social foundations of education program. He is gearing up for an undertaking that will combine his scholarly interests in civil rights studies and African American education with the history of his new home state. Read More

In the News

by Lynn Bell

Some Recent Media Mentions of Curry

The Top Education Scholars

Curry School dean Robert C. Pianta was named the 19th most influential university-based scholar in the 2012 Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings, published by Rick Hess on an Education Week blog. The rankings name the top 110 university-based scholars contributing to the public debate about education.

Curry professor and world renowned expert on differentiated instruction, Carol Tomlinson, was 27th on the list. Also included was David Breneman (63rd), former Curry School dean and Newton and Rita Meyers Professor in Economics of Education, Sarah E. Turner (95th), professor of Education Policy, and Michelle Young (101st), professor in the Administration & Supervision program and director of the University Council for Educational Administration. Read More

Faculty in Print

by Lynn Bell

Columbine a decade later: The prevention of homicidal violence in schools CoverDewey G. Cornell & H. Scheithauer (Eds.)

Columbine a decade later: The prevention of homicidal violence in schools. New Directions for Youth Development, 129. (Monograph) Read More