Curry Prof. Berry Earns All-University Teaching Award

Robert Q. Berry, IIICurry Associate Professor of Mathematics, Robert Q. Berry, III was the recipient of the University of Virginia’s 2011 All-University Teaching Award.  Berry is a game-changer. As a notable figure in his field, his mission is to change mathematical instruction of future educators across the country. His integration of engineering into the curriculum is a genuinely transformative model that brings new approaches to instruction through digital fabrication. Berry uses innovative instructional technologies and manipulatives (math activities) to support cognitive engagement with mathematical tasks.

A student commented, “If I had had Dr. Berry in elementary/middle school, I know I would not be afraid of math today!”

“He has done more than instruct,” former student Paige Deelsnyder said. “He has imparted life lessons and gained the respect of his students and colleagues.”

Berry was also the recipient of the 2011 Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ William C. Lowry Mathematics Educator of the Year Award for the University Level.

Congratulations on a fantastic year, Dr. Berry!

Adapted from article written by Anne Bromley.