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Person-Centered and Community-Based: An Autism Awareness Month Conversation

Professor Bill Therrien and Ethan Long, executive director of the Virginia Institute of Autism, discuss community partnerships and strengths-based services for Autism Awareness Month.


Mazurek’s Autism Research Named One of 20 Most Important Advances in Autism

A study conducted by Micah Mazurek has been selected as one of the top 20 most important advances in autism research for 2017.


Dialogue With the Dalai Lama: A 15-Year Journey in Mindfulness and Education

Tish Jennings presented her research to the Dalai Lama earlier this month in India. (Photo by Jonathan Joy-Gaba)


A Legacy of Leadership: Athletic Training at UVA

UVA’s Athletic Training program has been an innovator in its field since day one. As the program debuts a new degree, its leaders are determined to maintain the program’s standard of excellence.


Class of 2018: Jesus Gomez

Originally from Lima, Peru, Jesus is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Education in Speech Communication Disorders.


Q&A: What Can the Brain Teach Us About How Children Learn?

Tanya Evans, a neuroscientist who recently joined the faculty of the Curry School of Education, works at the intersection of education and neuroscience, studying brain data to understand how children learn.


Class of 2018: Ahmet Yildirim

Ahmet is graduating with a Master of Education in Kinesiology - Exercise Physiology.


Women More Likely to Suffer Sports-Related Concussions, Studies Suggest

A literature review from UVA faculty reveals that female athletes are actually more likely to experience sports-related concussions, but doctors should treat each case individually.


Brain Food: Exploring the Connections Between Nutrition and Learning

UVA researchers are examining from several angles the links between what kids eat and their performance in the classroom.


Getting a Jump On It: New Technology Accelerates Autism Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosing autism promptly can make a huge difference in a child’s development, but it may be challenging for some families to find a professional qualified to do so. A new approach being developed with the help of a UVA expert is helping broaden that pool.