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Curry School’s Online Grad Programs Soar in New U.S. News Ranking

Demand for the school’s growing online graduate programs – much of it from UVA alumni – led to the jump of 61 places, to No. 9 in the nation.


Q&A: How Data and Technology are Transforming Educational Services

The Sheila C. Johnson Center provides multidisciplinary clinical training for students and services to the community. Its new director shares how data and technology are transforming the field – and improving experiences for students and clients.


Sarah Lilly

Ph.D. Candidate Profile: Sarah Lilly

Ph.D. candidate and Dean's Fellow Sarah Lilly shares how an interest in interdisciplinary, project-based teaching methods led her to pursue a doctorate at the Curry School.


Growing Your Intelligence: Professor Shares the Power of ‘Growth Mindset’

The Curry School’s Stephanie Wormington shares how learners of all ages can get past “I’m just not good at that” and unleash their potential.


Q&A: Castleman Seeks to Nudge First-Generation Students Over the Finish Line

Ben Castleman gained attention with a text-message-based approach to encouraging first-generation students to enroll in college. He’s now seeking to help them finish degrees.


Earlier Autism Diagnosis Means Better Outcomes for Rural Children

Across the country, families wait an average of three years between noticing signs of autism and receiving a diagnosis. Micah Mazurek and her colleagues are seeking to close that gap.


First-Generation UVA and Local Students Are Rising Together

A mentoring program started and led by fourth-year Youth and Social Innovation student Bryan Christ pairs UVA students with local high-schoolers, many of them working to be the first in their families to attend college.


Motivate Lab Organizes Summit to Cultivate Productive Learning Mindsets

At the 2018 Mindset Summit, the University of Virginia’s Motivate Lab and the University System of Georgia teamed up to develop learning mindset programs that support academic achievement rates in Georgia.


Person-Centered and Community-Based: An Autism Awareness Month Conversation

Professor Bill Therrien and Ethan Long, executive director of the Virginia Institute of Autism, discuss community partnerships and strengths-based services for Autism Awareness Month.


Two people discussing a computer monitor

New Dean’s Fellowship Program Provides Additional Funds for Top Doctoral Students

The Curry School of Education and Human Development has launched a program to offer increased funding packages to attract top doctoral applicants


Five Ways to Foster Community in Distance Education

Jenny Provo Quarles, the Curry School’s new Manager of Online Operations, debunks common misconceptions about distance learning and shares five ideas for how to build community-focused programs.


Q&A: What Can the Brain Teach Us About How Children Learn?

Tanya Evans, a neuroscientist who recently joined the faculty of the Curry School of Education, works at the intersection of education and neuroscience, studying brain data to understand how children learn.


New Nonprofit Will Crowdsource Educator Insights to Improve EdTech Procurement, Implementation

Ambitious initiative, incubated by Jefferson Education Accelerator, will offer stipends to educators to document their experiences implementing education technology


Getting a Jump On It: New Technology Accelerates Autism Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosing autism promptly can make a huge difference in a child’s development, but it may be challenging for some families to find a professional qualified to do so. A new approach being developed with the help of a UVA expert is helping broaden that pool.


New Study Assesses Virginia Public Schools’ Success in Detecting Serious Threats

Virginia was the first state to require the use of threat assessment teams in every public school. Researchers examined the prevalence and nature of threats made in Virginia schools and how successful schools were in identifying serious threats of violence.