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Reading While At Home: Five Things Parents Should Know

How long should children spend reading each day? What if your child doesn’t like to read? Education professor Emily Solari offers tips and strategies for parents while children are learning at home.


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Missing the Curry School? Download These Zoom Backgrounds

Bring a little bit of the Curry School to your virtual classes and meetings by adding one of these background images.


Five Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Through the Coronavirus Outbreak

UVA professor Tish Jennings helps teachers and students use mindful practices to reduce stress. Here, she shares reasons why these techniques are valuable to everyone – especially when times are stressful or scary.


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Free Resource Helps Teachers Prepare Children for the Future of STEM

Curry School researchers built a video library that aims to improve early learners’ mathematics skills by providing free professional development for preschool teachers.


Tips and Resources for Families Living with Autism

The Curry School’s STAR team is committed to partnering with individuals and families with autism spectrum disorder, who are particularly hard hit by the closing of schools and suspension of therapies that involve close contact.


Why Diet and Exercise Deserve Our Attention Right Now

Kinesiology faculty members explain why paying attention to our physical wellbeing is important right now and offer tips for maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routines.


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How to Become a Teacher in Virginia

Thinking about becoming a teacher, but not sure where to begin? Here are three simple steps to get you started.


How to Help Your Kids Do Their Schoolwork While Getting Your Own Work Done

What’s a working-at-home parent to do when your 4-year-old keeps interrupting a work call? How about the strategy for a 6-year-old who doesn’t want to do anything except play on a tablet? Education professor Gail Lovette offers some suggestions.


Making Preschool More Effective: Study Connects Classroom Processes to Children’s Learning

A new study at the University of Virginia provides insight into how educators and policymakers can improve the quality of preschool experiences for children from low-income families.


Curry School Researchers Conduct First Statewide Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Data from the Curry School’s Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program – collected for the first time from every single school division in the Commonwealth – illuminates ways to help teachers provide quality early education for all students.


Youth-Nex Researchers Awarded Mentoring Grant from WTG Foundation

A William T. Grant Foundation award will support the development of Lora Henderson, an early-career researcher, and Jessika Bottiani, a researcher who is seeking to strengthen her skillset in providing equity- and culture-sensitive mentorship.


New Study Suggests a Way to Reduce “On the Job” Learning for New Teachers

Pairing coaching with simulation-based teaching practice sessions boosts preservice teachers’ skills in classroom management.


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Curry School Breaks into Top 15 in 2021 US News & World Report Rankings

The Curry School reached its highest ranking in more than two decades, with three teacher education programs and its administration and supervision program now ranked among the top six in the nation.


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Research Reduces Barriers Medical Providers Face in Treating Children with Autism

The study offers promising insight into improving care for children with autism, a population that has increased consistently over the last decade.


UVA professors Joanna Williams, Richard Bonnie and Nancy Deutsch

Is Your Adolescent Getting Enough Sleep? 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

Social, academic and biological pressures are just a few of the factors that are pushing adolescents to go bed later and later, according to Curry School professor Joanna Lee Williams.


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Aspiring Triple 'Hoo Takes Teaching Skills Abroad

Jimmy Edwards had just begun working toward an Ed.D. at the Curry School — on track to earn his third degree from UVA — when he decided he wanted to teach abroad. Now, with a two-year teaching position at a top international school in Peru and online courses at UVA, he’s doing both.


UVA Researchers Ask: How Does This Popular Social-Emotional Learning Program Benefit Teachers and Students?

With a $3.3 million grant, researchers at the University of Virginia will conduct the largest study to date of RULER, a widely used social and emotional learning intervention.


Faculty Spotlight: How Hoops Was a Sanctuary for This UVA Professor

As a child whose family was hurt by addiction, basketball was an outlet for UVA associate professor Joseph Williams. His life experiences are now a driving force behind his research.


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Q&A: Curry Grad Turns Her Attention to Special Cafe in Charlottesville

Katie Kishore lost her husband, Kris, to cancer two weeks after their second daughter was born. Kishore is starting Kindness Cafe + Play to honor her husband and employ people like her daughter Kiran, who has Down syndrome.


Letting Children Play Hooky When They're Little Can Have Long-Term Consequences

When it comes to school attendance, how many missed days are too many? UVA Today asked Robert C. Pianta, the dean of the Curry School.